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    Why Did Marylin Monroe Change Her Real Name?

    We all know Marylin Monroe as the bold, confident blonde force that took Hollywood by storm due to her beauty and grace. Her performances are regarded as brilliant and unforgettable by the film industry and lovers of cinema. 

    There was more to Marylin than just her blonde hair and good looks, people close to her have said that she was a hardworking intellectual with a wonderful sense of humor. This popularity did not come easy for Marylin as she had to dye her hair and change her name to be accepted by everyone inside and outside of the industry. 

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    Why Did Norma Jeane Baker Become Marylin Monroe? 

    Marylin Monroe

    Born in Los Angeles she was named Norma Jeane Mortenson by her parents and was even baptized as Norma Jeane Baker. Early in her career, Marylin decided to change her name as she felt her birth was “unwanted” and made her feel like “a little servant girl”. She is known for her signature blonde hair but she was actually a natural brunette who dyed her hair before entering the industry. 

    According to Time, Marylin was still a young model when she suggested using the last name ‘Monroe’ which was a surname from her mother’s side of the family. The name ‘Marylin’ was suggested by studio executive Ben Lydon after the former Broadway star Marylin Miller. Although the actress decided quite early in her career that she would change her name, it took her a whole decade to legally change it. It was in 1956, that Norma Jeane Baker officially became Marylin Monroe. 

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    All About Monroe’s Upcoming Biopic ‘Blonde’

    Ana De Armas as Marylin Monroe in ‘Blonde’

    Ana De Armas has become Hollywood’s new favorite darling after her performances in ‘Knives Out’ and ‘No Time to Die’ and is all set to portray another one of Hollywood’s darlings Marylin Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s ‘Blonde’. The movie is an adaptation of a novel of the same name written by Joyce Carol Oates. Along with Ana, Adrien Brody will be seen playing the role of Arthur Miller who Marylin married in 1956 which lasted for five years. Bobby Cannavale has stepped up to play the legendary baseball player Joe DiMaggio who was Marylin’s husband for less than a year. Even though their marriage didn’t last long he was a loyal companion who stayed by her side until 1962, the year she passed away. 

    The biopic is all set to be premiered at the 79th Venice Film Festival on September 8, 2022, and will be released in the United States on September 16, 2022. Finally, the movie will be available for streaming on Netflix from September 28, 2022. The film has been rated NC-17 which means it is not safe for children to watch due to its graphic sexual content and coarse language and is this year’s first film to get that rating by the censor board. However, its release on Netflix means that the NC-17 rating won’t really affect viewership and will be a first of its kind to be released on a streaming platform. 

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