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    Why Did Shia LaBeouf Get Kicked Out Of Hollywood?

    Hollywood is a place where dreams aren’t just made, they’re also crushed. Hollywood has its infamous blacklist which basically has all the celebrities no one wants to be working with anymore for various reasons ranging from being homophobic to sexual offenders. Surprisingly enough this blacklist of Hollywood has some big names, rather names that were big at one point like Katherine Heigl and Kirk Cameron. The latest addition to this infamous list is Shia LaBeouf.

    So, why is the ‘Even Stevens’ star being boycotted by the industry? We’ll tell you all about his downward journey due to controversies.

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    Shia LaBeouf: Career and Controversies 

    Shia LaBeouf

    Shia LeBeouf made an impact as a young artist through his work in Disney Channel’s ‘Even Stevens’ for which he even won a Daytime Emmy Award. His career had a major breakthrough after he starred in the 2007 film ‘Transformers’ opposite Megan Fox and while his performance received average reviews, the film became the highest-grossing film of LeBeouf’s career at the time. Along with being an actor he is also a filmmaker and performance artist and has even produced three graphic novels. 

    LeBeouf is many things and one of them is his affinity for being controversy’s favorite child. In his career of 13 years, he has made headlines several times from appearing at the Berlin premiere of ‘Nymphomaniac, Volume I’ wearing a paper bag with the phrase “I am not famous anymore” to getting arrested and charged with assault at an anti-Trump protest in 2017. The list of controversies surrounding Shia LeBeouf is certainly a long one. 

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    Why Is Hollywood Refusing To Work With Shia LeBeouf? 

    Shia LaBeouf

    This isn’t the first time that Hollywood artists are refusing to associate themselves and their work with Shia LeBeouf. He was canceled in 2017 after he lashed out at a black police officer and told him he was going to hell for his skin color. However, his performances in ‘Honey Boy’ and ‘The Peanut Butter’ earned him a good name in the industry and among audiences. Then, his former partner Tahliah Barnett sued him for sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress. 

    To make matters worse for Shia, it has been reported that he has indulged in a number of abusive acts like beatings, strangulations, intentionally infecting Tahliah with STDs, and driving around LA boasting about shooting stray dogs. Tahliah’s lawsuit against him says that “his admission to such wanton animal cruelty left her profoundly disturbed and terrified.” There is just so much the people can forgive and killing dogs, racism and domestic violence have all led to Shia getting dropped from every part he was cast in and he won’t even be considered let alone cast in a high-profile role for a very long time. A recent example of this is when he was fired from Olivia Wilde’s ‘Don’t Worry Darlings’ which stirred up quite a bit of drama as both parties had a different story to tell about Shia’s expulsion from the project.

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