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    “You Had To Workout”: ‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa Takes A Dig At Chris Hemsworth’s Muscles, ‘Thor’ Actor Has A Fitting Reply

    The superhero universe has been colliding in their respective universes of MCEU and DCEU. While the ‘Justice League’ united the DCEU, the ‘Avengers’ assembled to shut down the force of Thor. But, recently, the two distinct universes collided with viral Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth TikToks.

    Jason Momoa is a part of the DCEU as Arthur Curry in the ‘Aquaman’ series, which also stars Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson. Whereas, Chris Hemsworth has popularly played Thor in Marvel’s Extended Universe. The two superheroes had a fun banter recently, with Jason taking a dig at Thor’s muscles while wearing Arthur Curry’s costume. To that end, Hemsworth made a retaliatory video, giving a fitting answer to the ‘Fast & Furious’ actor.

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    Chris Hemsworth Had A Mic Drop Response To Jason Momoa As He Trolled Him for His Muscles

    Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth had a TikTok banter with former mocking the latter's muscles
    Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth had a TikTok banter with former mocking the latter’s muscles

    There has been much real-life crossover banter between the DC and Marvel stars who play superheroes. There was a meme with Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Jack Gyllenhaal that went viral. Now, Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth’s banter on TikTok has caught the attention of the users.

    In a TikTok video, Jason Momoa was seen in the ‘Aquaman’ suit. The actor was flexing his muscles while trolling Chris Hemsworth. Jason looked at the camera and said, “What’s up Hemsworth? Check that s**t out. You had to work out, I didn’t.” Momoa captioned the video, writing, “Eat your heart out @Chris Hemsworth.”

    Chris Hemsworth uploaded a TikTok, flexing his muscles. Chris said, “That’s a lovely padded costume you got there, Jason. I prefer a skin suit myself, mate.” The actor went to the camera and whispered, “I love you Aquaman.” Hemsworth wrote, “You sure @Jason Momoa???”

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    The Actor Confirmed That The Future Of ‘Aquaman’ Is Not Looking Good

    Jason Momoa says that the future of 'Aquaman' franchise looks bleaky
    Jason Momoa says that the future of ‘Aquaman’ franchise looks bleaky

    ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ was the second film in the DC franchise, starring Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, and Yahya Abdul Mateen II. The film was already marred by many controversies.

    During the infamous Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, the fans were demanding the recast of the actress, and months before the release, a report came that Heard’s role in the film was reduced.

    Despite all the hurdles, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ did a decent box-office collection. However, in an interview, Jason Momoa said that the future of the franchise seems bleak.

    During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said, “I don’t necessarily want it to be end… [but] I don’t think it’s really, like, a choice.” It is because of the overhaul after Peter Safran and James Gunn took over the leadership of DC Studios.

    The film was not released during the interview, so Jason Momoa added, “The truth of it is, I mean, if the audience loves [‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’], then there’s a possibility. But right now, I’m like, ‘It’s not looking too good.’”

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