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    Watch: 15 Best Joey Moments From ‘Friends’

    Friends‘ sitcom is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s best sitcoms ever. In its 10-season run, the show gave us many episodes to cherish. While it’s been 20 years since the show came to an end, it’s a comfort for many people. No matter which generation is watching the show, they will, no doubt, love it. All six characters have distinct personalities and lovable traits and quirks, from Chandler’s wit to Ross’ nerdiness, Monica’s perfectionist tendencies to Rachel’s fashion sense, Phoebe’s outlandish habits to Joey’s charm, there’s something for everyone when it comes to ‘Friends.’

    We can discuss them all, but it will be a never-ending discussion. So, today we will discuss 15 Joey Tribbiani moments – a friend we all hope to have – from ‘Friends‘ that you can’t miss. Matt LeBlanc certainly nailed the character.

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    ‘Friends’: Best Moments Of Joey

    1. Joey Loves Rachel’s Disastrous Dessert

    In Season 6’s 9th episode of ‘Friends‘, Rachel was tasked by Monica to make a pie for Thanksgiving. But when Ross and Joey found out that Rachel was making a mix of English Trifle and Shepherd’s Pie, they were completely shocked. While everyone disposed of the dessert in their own funny ways, Joey still loved it when he tried it, making his gobbling the dessert a fun watch. 

    2. Joey’s Apple

    Joey was often portrayed as one who missed the obvious logic and common knowledge in life, but he was the warmest guy nonetheless. In ‘The One Where They All Turn 30’ episode of season 7, Joey describes his Adam’s apple as “Joey’s apple” at Monica’s birthday party. It was a hilarious scene where he recalled, “When I first moved to the city, I went out a couple of times with this girl, really hot, great kisser, but she had the biggest Adam’s apple.” Oops!

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    3. Joey’s Perfect Life Includes Girls On Bread

    When Rachel asks Joey if he could choose only one, either food or sex for the rest of his life, which he would give up. Definitely, it was a tough choice for the man as he loved to eat and went on frequent dates. So, after some confusion, he amalgamates the two and answers what would be a guy’s perfect dream – girls on bread. 

    4. Joey Teaches Ross About Reflexes

    In this hilarious episode, Joey hits Ross accidentally after provoking him to hit him for crossing the line with Rachel in the first place. But, when Ross finally caves in and tries to punch Joey, he ducks and Ross injures his hand. In an attempt to teach Ross about reflexes, Joey punches him in the face and a furious and hurt Ross gets a lecture on his poor reflexes.

    5. Joey’s Trick To Remember Days Of The Week

    Joey had his own ways and theories in life. When he wants Chandler to remember something for Thursday, he describes to Chandler how the days are supposed to be remembered, and numbers them. So, Monday is one day. Tuesday, two day, then Wednesday is “when day….what day?” Ultimately, there’s Thursday! No one can compete with Joey’s antics.

    6. A Full Turkey Is Joey’s Everest

    The Thanksgiving episodes of ‘Friends‘ have their separate fanbase. In one of the most hilarious scenes of all, Joey promises Monica that he will finish the whole turkey by himself, and quite naturally, he starts sweating during the mission. He then goes and wears Phoebe’s maternity pants to get comfortable and takes the challenge head-on, declaring “You are my Everest” to the delish turkey. 

    7. Joey’s Quiz Show Debacle

    In this episode, Joey, the soap opera star of ‘Friends‘, is invited to be a part of a quiz show. Naturally, he has to answer some questions and riddles in the competition. The way he answers them is really funny. All the fans will giggle at the mention of “Paper! Snow! A ghost!” 

    8. Joey Obsessing Over His Hand Twin

    The ‘Friends‘ cast had a lot of fun shooting in Vegas. On-screen, the characters also went through a rollercoaster ride. While Ross and Rachel fell into a drunken mess, Chandler and Monica tried to solidify their relationship, Phoebe entertained herself as usual, but Joey found his ‘identical hand twin’ in a casino worker. To convince the man of the unique find, he even makes up a song, dreaming of earning cash with the freaky coincidence.

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    9. Learning French

    French might be considered the sexiest language, but it’s no easy feat to master it. In this episode, Phoebe tries to teach the language to Joey for his acting role, however, like every other thing, he pays no heed to what’s being said and takes his own hilarious version of French to the next level.

    10. The Omnipotent Dilemma

    In this scene, Monica asks Joey what will it be like if he is omnipotent. Not understanding the word and likely taking it for being impotent, he makes his feelings very clear by saying there won’t be any other reason to live if his little Joey is dead. Well, this cracks us up every time!

    11. The Teenager Joey Tribbiani

    Joey’s character was an actor who was up for any and every audition to make it big as a star. Even though his talent did not get recognized that much, he brought in laughs. In this episode, he had to look like a nineteen-year-old boy for an audition. He tries to mimic how young kids talk and what transpires is a hilarious scene. 

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    12. Joey Doesn’t Share Food!

    In this episode, we got one of the most famous dialogues by the biggest foodie on television when Matt LeBlanc’s character declared, “Joey does not share food“. This was during his explanation of a bad date with a girl who got on his bad side after reaching for food from his plate. He got his revenge by eating her chocolate dessert, for which he didn’t even feel sorry because of its deliciousness.

    13. Joey’s Tryst With Thesaurus

    Joey and Chandler were truly “best buds”. When Chandler and Monica wanted a recommendation letter for adopting a baby, Joey gave it his all, with a lot of help from Thesaurus. It was a hilarious letter that he signed as “Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani.” This was a lesson in how synonyms don’t always work!

    14. The Japanese Commercial

    In this scene, Chandler finds a cassette featuring Joey. While Joey wasn’t naked in it, he was just as embarrassed. Why? It was a commercial for men’s lipstick, and Mr. Tribbiani did complete justice to the blue-tinted and sparkly Ichiban.

    15. When Joey Couldn’t Have Been Wearing Any More Of Chandler’s Clothes

    Perhaps the funniest scene of Joey was from one of the best episodes of ‘Friends‘. While Ross pushes everyone to get ready for his event, Joey and Chandler get into a fight over the chair. In the tussle, Joey takes away the cushions from Chandler, for which he retaliates by taking his underwear. What Joey does next has gone down in history – he wears all of Chandler’s clothes. We can never stop laughing over this.

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