WATCH: 15 Joey Moments From Friends That You Can’t Miss

joey from friends

Friends sitcom is one of the world’s best sitcoms ever. It will give you so many episodes to cherish even after generations. No matter whichever generation is watching Friends, they will, no doubt! Love it. All the characters have so many such scenes that one can never forget. We can discuss them all, but then it will be a never-ending discussion. So, today we will discuss 15 Joey moments from Friends that you can’t miss. 

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Best Moments Of Joey In Friends

joey from friends

Joey Loves The Dessert

In this episode, Rachel was making a pie for everyone. But when Ross and Joey found that Rachel was making a mix of English Trifle and Shepherd’s Pie, Ross was completely shocked. And when Matt LeBlanc still loved the dessert when he tried, it was different fun to watch that scene. 

Joey’s Apple

This is the scene from the 30th birthday party Monica. And here, Joey describes his adam’s apple as Joey’s apple. 

Girls On Bread

This was the time where Rachel asked Joey if he could choose only one, either food or a girl. And he answers after confusion that he wants girls on bread. 

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Injury To Ross

In this scene, Joey hits Ross accidentally. And then dodges the punch of Ross and blame on reflexes. 

Monday, One Day

In this scene, Joey describes Chandler how the days really are. And numbers them.

Finishing Turkey

One of the most hilarious scenes of all. In this episode, Joey promises Monica that he will finish the whole turkey by himself. And then he goes and wears Phoebe’s maternity pants. 

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On The Show

In this episode, Joey is invited to be a part of the show. In this show, he has to answer some questions or riddles. And the way he answers them is really funny. 

Hand Twin

This was one they were all in the casino. And accidentally, Joey found his hand twin. Then the way he tries to show all that he has a hand twin and what happens next is hilarious. 

joey from friends

Learning French

In this episode, Phoebe tries to teach French to Joey. And the way he speaks french is on a completely different level. 

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In this scene, Monica asks Joey what will it be like if he is Omnipotent. And he says there won’t be any other reason to live if his little Joey is dead. 

Look Like 19

In this, he has to look like a nineteen-year-old person for an audition. And he tries to mimic how these nineteen-year-old people are. 

Sharing Food

In this episode, we got one of the most famous dialogues that Joey does not share food. And he explains what happened on the date he went with a girl.

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When He Ate Dessert Of A Date

This is the same date from the previous scene. And in this, in the end, he ate all the chocolate dessert that she ordered. And then he says he is not even sorry because it was so delicious. 

Japanese Commercial

In this scene, Chandler found a cassette. And when he opened it, it came out to be a commercial for men’s lipstick, and the actor was Joey. 

Fork In The Jacket

This was the episode, where Chandler and Rachel found a cheesecake out of their apartment. And in the end, when it fell on the floor, Matt LeBlanc came and took a fork out of his jacket. 

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