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    Who Killed Gretta Vedler, The Model Who Called Putin A ‘Psychopath’?

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is regarded as one of the toughest leaders. The opinion of Putin strengthened after the Russia-Ukraine war. The cold war that turned into an actual war between the two countries was the major world event of 2022. During the war, several Ukrainians were tortured and killed through missiles by Russia. The Putin-led government even turned debt-ridden as all the public money was spent on war.

    The war displaced around 14 million people from Ukraine. Various world organizations also stepped in to help. Putin received a lot of criticism from organizations like NATO and also the general public. Several other countries too in the UN condemned Russia’s behavior. One of the criticisms that drew attention was from Gretta Vedler. Gretta was a Russian model who called Putin a “psychopath” but was later found dead. Let us know more about the whole incident.

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    Who Was Gretta Vedler?

    Gretta Vedler was a citizen of Russia and a model by profession. Amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, Gretta criticized Vladimir Putin for his behavior. She called Putin “a total psychopath”. While she was criticizing the former member of the KGB staff, Vedler stated that Putin had “obvious psychopathy or sociopathy.” She was 23 years old.

    According to Gretta, persons who are timid and terrified of noise, darkness, and strangers develop qualities like caution, constraint, and a lack of communication from a very early age. This is because these people have a fear of the unknown.

    She believed, “Because it is essential for psychopaths to always feel a feeling of the richness and sharpness of life. So these individuals enjoy taking risks, having intense experiences, intense communication, extreme action, and generally living a life that is intense and dynamic. It’s possible that he genuinely cares about maintaining Russia’s sovereignty and wishes nothing but the best for the Russian people.”

    She had sent the scary message: “It’s possible that he genuinely cares about maintaining Russia’s sovereignty and wishes nothing but the best for the Russian people. But is there anything that he can genuinely accomplish?” These were the exact words of Vedler. However, immediately after a month i.e. in February 2021, Gretta went missing. Her dead body and her killer were discovered after almost a year of her death. So let us have a look as to who killed Gretta and does it have any political angle.

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    Who Killed Gretta Vedler?

    Dmitry Korovin, Gretta Vedler’s ex-boyfriend, confessed to killing her by strangling her during an altercation. The whole incident occurred in Moscow concerning money. Vedler’s death was caused solely by Korovin’s actions. There is no connection to her political beliefs or her thoughts on Putin in any way. Korovin confessed to the murder and revealed that he stayed in a hotel room for three nights with her body.

    Korovin put the body in a suitcase. After that, he transported Vedler’s corpse around 500 kilometers to the Lipetsk region and hid it in the trunk of a car. Unbelievably, Korovin her mortal remians for over a year. Seems like Gretta’s boyfriend was a psychopath!

    Additionally, the 23-year-old used the model’s social media accounts to post images and messages, leading people to assume that the model was still alive. A blogger in Kharkiv, Ukraine named Evgeniy Foster got suspicious and phoned a friend in Moscow. His friend subsequently filed a missing person report, which led to a multi-day search that ultimately led to the finding of the blogger’s body.

    Korovin is said to have delivered a full confession and demonstrated how he killed the model in a video that was produced by Russia’s Investigative Committee. Since Putin announced his “special military operation,” there have been multiple reports of people demonstrating against the government.

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