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    Who Was Andrew Cunanan? Why Did He Kill Gianni Versace?

    Andrew Cunanan is the serial killer who killed the famous designer Gianni Versace. In 1997, Gianni Versace was killed by two bullet shots by 27-year-old Andrew Cunanan, in Gianni’s Miami beachside mansion. What was Cunanan’s relationship with Versace that led him to the brutal killing?

    This was not Andrew’s first kill. He had been the reason for four murders already, before moving on to Versace. In this article, let us see who were Cunanan’s victims and what was the reason for him to kill them, especially Versace.

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    Who Was Andrew Cunanan?

    Andrew Cunanan was one of four siblings and had an amazing IQ of 147 as a child. Due to this, he was sent to a prestigious private school where the other students were much wealthier than him. This was probably where his necessity to fit in started and he became a pathological liar.

    He was gay and as an adult, had relationships with wealthy older men that took care of his lavish lifestyle. So when his older “sugar daddy” Norman Blachford cut him off, he went berserk. It was during this time, that he was also having problems with his Ex lover David Madson. That was when he took the life of his first victim.

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    Why Did Cunanan Kill Gianni Versace?

    On the morning of July 15th, 1997, Gianni Versace had just returned to his beachside mansion in Miami, after a morning trip to a nearby café. Andrew Cunanan had been hiding at the Miami beachside at that time, after the successful killing of four victims already. Versace was pointed shot at the back of the head by Cunanan.

    So far, no relation has been found between Cunanan and Versace, and there still has been no possible explanation of what led him to the murder. Eight days after Versace’s death, Cunanan was found dead on a nearby boathouse. He had killed himself using the same gun that he had used to kill Versace.

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