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    Why Ted Bundy Didn’t Kill His Girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer? Where Is She Now?

    If you are struggling to find a partner, our advice is don’t give up hope considering even serial killer Ted Bundy had a girlfriend. Elizabeth Kloepfer, also known as Liz Kendall in her memoir ‘The Phantom Prince‘, was Ted Bundy’s long-time girlfriend and one of his closest confidants during his years as a serial killer. The two began dating soon after they met and had an on-and-off relationship that lasted for several years.

    During their relationship, Bundy committed several murders and was suspected of many others, but Kloepfer remained unaware of his crimes for a long time. However, there were some warning signs and suspicious incidents that caused her to become increasingly concerned about Bundy’s behavior.

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    How Did Ted Bundy And Elizabeth Kloepfer Meet?

    Ted Bundy and Elizabeth Kloepfer met in 1969 at a bar in Seattle, Washington. At the time, Bundy was a law student at the University of Washington, and Kloepfer was a recent divorcee with a young daughter. The two struck up a conversation and quickly hit it off. Bundy was charming, charismatic, and well-spoken, and Kloepfer was drawn to his intelligence and confidence. They began dating soon after their initial meeting, and their relationship quickly became serious. Bundy was a doting boyfriend and treated Kloepfer’s daughter with kindness and affection. Kloepfer, in her memoir, describes feeling very much in love with Bundy and believes that he felt the same way about her

    Despite their happy moments, there were also signs of trouble in their relationship from the beginning. Bundy was frequently absent and would disappear for long periods of time without explanation. He was also possessive and jealous, and Kloepfer describes in her memoir ‘The Phantom Prince‘ how he would become angry and suspicious if she spoke to other men. As their relationship progressed, Bundy’s behavior became increasingly erratic and disturbing. However, Kloepfer remained loyal to him and continued to believe in his innocence even after he was arrested and charged with multiple murders. It wasn’t until later, after the full extent of Bundy’s crimes had been revealed, that Kloepfer began to realize the full extent of his criminal activities and the danger he posed.

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    Why Ted Bundy Spared His Girlfriend Elizabeth?

    It is not entirely clear why Ted Bundy did not kill Elizabeth Kloepfer (also known as Liz Kendall), but there are several theories. One possibility is that Bundy had genuine feelings for Kloepfer and did not want to harm her. In interviews and conversations with investigators, Bundy indicated that he had a deep emotional attachment to Kloepfer and expressed remorse for the pain that he caused her. It is possible that he saw Kloepfer as a separate part of his life and did not want to harm her.

    Another theory is that Bundy may have seen Kloepfer as a potential ally or source of support. Kloepfer was one of the few people who believed in Bundy’s innocence for much of his trial, and she provided him with emotional support and resources during his time in prison. It is possible that Bundy saw value in maintaining a positive relationship with her, even as he continued to commit horrific crimes. Ultimately, the reasons why Bundy did not kill Kloepfer are known only to him, and he took many of his secrets to the grave with him when he was executed in 1989.

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