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10 Superheroes With Disturbingly High Kill Count

There are two types of superheroes in the Marvel Universe. The first type believes in redemption and second chances. And the other type has made murder their lifestyle.

Bad guys and supervillains are not the only ones when it comes to holding the crown for the maximum number of mass murders. The good guys have piled up a plethora of dead bodies, be it even for a good cause. While they may have had justification for doing so, it’s impossible to ignore.

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10. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Over the year, out of desperation, the Scarlet Witch has done terrible things. The loss of her family, her brother, her lover, and her children finally got to her, unleashing the dark magic resulting in the destruction of many.

She’s killed several Avengers, but her cruelest act was when she de-powered the entire mutant race. Many mutants’ lives depended on their powers, and her spell effectively murdered them.

9. Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd

Of all the heroes, Judge Dredd is the one who uses the code of law as full justification for killing suspects in mass quantities. Dredd has probably killed more criminals than the Punisher during his tenure as a law enforcement officer in a near-lawless Mega City. Dredd is straightforward, charismatic, subtle, and diplomatic.

8. Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

 Bucky Barnes is not only Captain America’s sidekick but also a survivor. Later he was transformed into a Winter Soldier and became a killing machine for the soviets. Although it is impossible to tell how many people he killed, his secret never came out as there were no survivors left. Bucky eventually became the most feared weapon in the Soviet arsenal.

7. Star-Lord


Peter Quill is blamed for being reckless and for his mind-numbingly idiotic behavior in Avengers: Infinity War which allowed Thanos to put his plan in order. However, in comics, he is pictured as reckless but for a whole different reason- killing people.

Star-Lord’s kill count is way more than a few of the heroes out there. he sacrificed the lives of 350,000 people in order to defeat the first herald of the dreaded Galactus.

6. The Green Lantern

Green Lantern

During the Cosmic Odyssey storyline, John Stewart and his confidante the Martian Manhunter set out to save the planet Xanshi from an imminent catastrophe involving the Anti-Life Equation.

Arrogantly believing he had things covered, Stewart sheathed the Manhunter in a bubble of energy then he came face to face with a massive planet-killing bomb. Due to its yellow color, it could not be manipulated by the powers of the Green Lantern. The planet was blown into fragments due to Stewart’s recklessness and arrogance.

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5. The Punisher

Punisher almost killed everyone

Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher is technically an anti-hero, who does not hesitate to kill the bad guys. He does not hesitate to spill pools of blood and eventually becomes the very person he hates the most. His exact body count is unspecified, but he has slaughtered most of Marvel’s superheroes, as well as the last remaining humans in a post-apocalyptic Earth in two separate alternate universe storylines.

4. Wolverine


Wolverine’s first kill was just the beginning of him becoming a killer machine rather than a hero.  As he grew older and more skilled, he became a consummate soldier, fighting in every major war in the 20th century.

He worked with Team X during the Cold War, taking out his targets. Additionally, his healing factor allowed him to take almost infinite damage. His claws and fighting skills give him all the tools he requires to kill as many people as possible.

3. Blade


The vampire hunter, Blade slaughters every single vampire in existence. He is the hero with no mercy and also takes great delight and pleasure in striking the wooden stake in their hearts. However, the number of vampires he killed is still unknown, but for sure it is not a small number. 

2. The Venom


There is no doubt, that Venom has an insanely high body count. While Venom made Eddie Brock his host, the homicidal urges turned into a relative force of good against evil. But when it bonded with Mac Gargan, the two went on a cannibalistic bonanza, but that was just scratching the surface of its violent nature.

After Flash Thompson, it bonded with another being of great evil, and the two went on to slaughter the inhabitants of the entire planet.

1. Deadpool


The Merc with the Mouth has the highest kill count of any superhero. In ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’, Deadpool goes on a killing spree, including snapping off the comic writers. However, they decided to keep going with the comics making it a part of a homicidal satirical series. Deadpool set out to kill every hero and villain in Marvel leaving a trail of gruesome dead bodies.

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