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    ‘X-Men ’97’ Director Reveals One Thing That Saved The Series From Being Another Failed Marvel Project

    The X-Men are back! And this time, they’re not just making a nostalgic return, they’re proving they can still pack a punch. After years of uncertainty, X-Men ’97, a revival of the beloved 90s animated series, has taken the fandom by storm. 

    However, what exactly saved this project from the potential pitfalls of reboots and becoming just another failed Marvel project? The answer, according to director Jake Castorena, lies in one crucial element: respect.

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    How Respect For Legacy Saved ‘X-Men ’97’

    X-Men '97
    X-Men ’97

    Director of the hit series Jake Castorena talked about his secret formula for success in an interview with Discussing Film. “Make the designs work, but don’t change them too much. It all came down to one of the phrases that I know got me the job: “Fresh but familiar,” he said.

    The writer of the show Beau DeMayo, a lifelong X-Men fan himself, knew the weight of expectation on his shoulders. The original series holds a special place in the hearts of many, and messing with that legacy could have been disastrous. “We approached it with a healthy dose of fear and reverence,” DeMayo admitted. 

    This reverence for the source material became the guiding principle for the entire production. Jake and his team understood that simply rehashing old storylines wouldn’t suffice. Moreover, the world had changed, and so had the audience. 

    “We wanted to honor the themes that resonated in the original series prejudice, acceptance, finding your place in the world,” DeMayo explained. Additionally, they also wanted to weave in contemporary issues and create a show that could resonate with a new generation of viewers.

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    Balancing The Old And Modern Elements Of ‘X-Men ‘97’ Wasn’t Easy

    X-Men '97
    X-Men ’97

    This balancing act wasn’t easy. The animation style, for instance, retains the classic charm of the 90s cartoons, while incorporating subtle visual tweaks to feel fresh. The characters themselves grapple with time. We see a more mature Cyclops, a Storm grappling with leadership, and a Jean Grey still haunted by past traumas. 

    It’s a familiar yet evolved X-Men team that reflects the complexities of the world we live in today. Additionally, DeMayo and Jake’s commitment to respect extends beyond aesthetics and narrative. He brought back most of the original voice cast, a move that sent shivers down the spines of nostalgic fans.  

    Hearing the familiar voices of Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Cal Dodd as Wolverine reignited the magic of the 90s. Additionally, DeMayo, by treating the source material with respect and infusing it with a contemporary edge, has delivered a show that feels both fresh and familiar. In conclusion, It’s a victory lap for the 90s cartoon and a promising first step for the X-Men’s future in animation. 

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