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    Hugh Grant Makes Fun Of The “Weird Orange Creatures” Roles He Has Played In ‘Unfrosted’ And ‘Wonka’

    Hugh Grant is known for playing romantic roles in his movies, but he has added some serious characters to his repertoire too. He looks dapper in a black tie and suit. However, who would have thought that this handsome guy would be doing roles like Oompa-Loompa in Wonka‘?

    Keeping up with the new tradition, Hugh is going to play the role of a weird orange cat in the new movie ‘Unfrosted: The Pop Tart Story’, which is directed by Jerry Seinfeld. Grant does find it different to wear an orange suit, but it’s refreshing for him. Here’s what he has to say about the role.

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    Hugh Grant Is In His Experimental Phase

    Hugh Grant

    Hugh Grant is trying new roles in his career and we all are here for it. The actor is playing the role of Tony the Tiger in the comedy movie, ‘Unfrosted: The Pop Tart Story’. The actor 63, while talking to People, said “These are sort of things that come to me now. Weird orange creatures, but I seem to doing them.” 

    The cast of the movie includes Melissa McCarthyAmy Schumer, and James Marsden. Hugh appreciated the cast as good company and pretty fun to be around. He said, “They’re fun between takes and then they’re fun during takes.”

    Further, Grant also mentioned that he did enjoy the role as it was very different from what he has portrayed on screen. He continued, “I am very good at finding reasons to hate my job and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed all those people. I thought it was a fun role. It was bloody hot in that costume, but otherwise, I enjoyed it.”

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    Hugh Grant Reveals His Family’s Sugary Treat Habits

    Unfrosted: the Pop Tart Story

    Hugh Grant, who is married to Anna Eberstein, is a father of five and it might be difficult for him to take care of his brood. Since Grant is starring in a story about Pop Tarts, a much beloved sweet treat, he was asked about his kids’s choice of desserts. He admitted they like sugar cereals and he wants to put them away but it doesn’t work out. He said, “I’m such a hypocrite on that. I say to one of my sons, ‘It’s disgusting to watch you eat those cocoa puffs.'”

    The actor continued, “I mean, God’s sake. You’ve just had three bowls, have you any idea what you’re doing to yourself? And then he says, ‘Do you want some?’ I go, yeah, absolutely.

    Moreover, the movie ‘Unfrosted: The Pop Tart Story‘ is his much-awaited movie with a cast consisting of all great comedians. It is all set to release on May 3.

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