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    “It Was The Weirdest Thing Ever”: ‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard Recalls The Real-Life Robbery On The Set Of His Directorial Debut ‘Night Shifts’

    The ‘Stranger Things’ star Finn Wolfhard is more than just an actor and musician. Another star in the talented Finn’s resume is his directorial debut. So whoever says Gen Z is a talentless generation needs to get their stats right.

    The 21-year-old multi-talented Finn is back on the work field after a two-year-long break. Filming for the ‘Stranger Things’ final season has begun and fans are anticipating the return of their favorite fugitives. While there’s still time before we finally get the Hawkins kids back on screen, this one was last spotted enjoying spicy wings on ‘Hot Ones’. 

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    Finn Wolfhard’s Short Film Set Becomes The Scene Of A Real-Life Robbery

    Finn Wolfhard directing 'Night Shifts' (Image: Luciana Moreno)
    Finn Wolfhard directing ‘Night Shifts’ (Image: Luciana Moreno)

    In the world of filmmaking, unexpected incidents are not uncommon. However, for Finn Wolfhard, the line between fiction and reality blurred a little too finely when an actual attempted robbery took place in the middle of his fake one. The ‘Ghostbusters star was directing his debut short film ‘Night Shifts’ when the very real crime scene played before him.

    In a notorious spicy conversation with Sean Evans at the ‘Hot Ones’ Finn shared this weird on-set experience. “While we were shooting the robbery scene, a guy came in with a fake… he welded a fake gun together. It was the weirdest thing ever,” shared Wolfhard. “He came in brandishing this fake gun and Artoun, the guy who is playing the burglar, turned around with his fake gun, and they were just pointing fake guns at each other like a standoff.”

    The director continued, “I was sitting there directing. I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ I peaked out and saw this standoff happening.” Despite the potentially dangerous situation the young director tried to be calm, saying, “I was like, cool, let’s move on,” and the crew moved on from the incident. 

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    Artoun Nazareth’s Perspective On The Real Burglar Entering While He Played The Fake One

    Finn Wolfhard directing 'Night Shifts'
    Finn Wolfhard directing ‘Night Shifts’

    Artoun Nazareth, the actor playing the fictional burglar has shared his perspective on the incident in 2021 with Sonder Magazine. The moment only lasted for a couple of seconds but the real-life scene was dangerous enough to elongate it. Artoun recalled, “I have the prop gun in my hands and then the door opens. Obviously, I’m not thinking, yeah, let me stop this guy and point my gun at him, and it looks like he’s pointing something at me, so I move towards him and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Does he have a gun? No, I don’t think so. What’s happening?'”

    All these thoughts running in your mind while a man with probably a real gun is standing in front of you puts you at a disadvantage. The actor continued the flashback saying, “Finn and the rest of the crew couldn’t be around the area I was being shot in for the scene, so they didn’t see him come in.” The situation ended in a much better manner than it could have ended and the crew was grateful for that.

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