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    Britney Spears’ Sister Jamie Lynn Spears Recalled The Singer Getting Upset After Christina Aguilera Won The Grammy

    Britney Spears is finally breathing freely after the release of her memoir, ‘The Woman In Me’. The narrative of Britney has been dominated for many years by the media. They tarnished her image, leading to a public meltdown for the songstress after her divorce from Kevin Federline. In the book, she has written about her tumultuous personal and professional lives. While her personal life was marred with heartbreaks, her professional life was filled with rivalries.

    Since the beginning of Britney Spears’ career, she has been pitted against many of her contemporaries. However, the rivalry with Christina was heavily publicized after the 2003 VMA performance. While they have buried the hatchet, Britney’s sister has talked about her jealousy after Christina won the Grammy in 2000.

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    Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals The Details About The Year Britney Spears Lost Grammy To Christina Aguilera

    Britney Spears vowed to never attend Grammys after losing to Christina Aguilera
    Britney Spears vowed to never attend Grammys after losing to Christina Aguilera

    During the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were competing for the ‘Best New Artist’ trophy. While everyone was rooting for the ‘Gimme More’ singer, Aguilera won the coveted trophy.

    Recently, on ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!,’ Jamie Lynn Spears spilled the beans about Britney Spears’ reaction after losing the trophy to Christina Aguilera. During the podcast, Jamie asked the hosts if they wanted to hear an embarrassing story involving Christina Aguilera, her sister, and the Grammys.

    Jamie said that the ‘Toxic’ singer was the bigger star, and on the day of the awards, “They had MTV camera crews at home watching our family, because it was like a no-brainer, she’s winning. And she’s there and she lost.”

    Sam Thompson asked her what Britney did after the loss. Jamie said, “She was really like, ‘I don’t ever want to go to the Grammys.’ She was heartbroken about that because her whole life had been dedicated to winning that.” Jamie came to defend her sister by saying that, though Christina was talented, she wanted Britney to win it. Spears added, “Let’s be honest, ‘It’s Britney, bitch’ like always.”

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    Britney Was Slammed For Body-Shaming Christina’s Dancers

    Britney Spears body-shamed Christina Aguilera's dancers
    Britney Spears body-shamed Christina Aguilera’s dancers

    Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera had a feud after the 2003 MTV VMAs performance. After the ceremony, Christina revealed that Britney did not talk to her during the rehearsals for the performance. Later, Spears accused the singer of forcefully kissing her at the club. However, the artists have buried their hatchets, and the two are good friends.

    However, in 2022, Britney Spears came under fire for body-shaming Christina Aguilera’s dancers.

    On Instagram, Britney shared a picture of a quote by Rodney Dangerfield and captioned it, “I wish I could have chosen the nannies for my children… my dancers… I mean if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers I would have looked extremely small… I mean why not talk about it.”

    After receiving flak for the distasteful post, Spears apologized. In her post, she clarified that she did not want to be critical of Christina’s body, but she was just projecting her insecurities.

    In the apology post, she wrote, “To be honest, I’m not trying to be critical of anybody. What I posted is a projection of the insecurities I deal with all the time as a result of how my parents and the media have treated me.”

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