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    Denise Richards Reveals What Her Daughter Sami Sheen Promised Her Before Starting OnlyFans

    Among the new generation of gen-z adult social media platforms, OnlyFans has become a rather common occurrence but women, especially teenagers still face constant allegations and backlash for expressing themselves on this platform. Recently a 51-year-old actress made headlines for joining the subscription-based adult social media platform “only fans”.

    The real housewives of Beverly Hills‘ alum Denise Richards is a proud and supportive mother of her daughter Sami. And when her daughter told her about the decision of joining OnlyFans, here is how she reacted.

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    Sami Sheen Made A Promise To Her Mother Before Joining Only Fans

    Denise Richards and Sami Sheen

    Sami and Denise have always had a communicative relationship like that of a friend. Richards claims that while having a deep conversation with her daughter Sami Sheen about the latter’s OnlyFans, she made a promise.

    The 18-year-old made some promises about the type of content that she will post. “I had heard of only fans. I had never been on there, so I did not even know really what it was,” the actress told the audience on September 1 in an episode of SiriusXM.

    She also said that she has heard a lot of different things about the platform, but was reassured when her daughter said that she would not go too far with her content. “And she reassured me that she was going to keep it very tasteful to mainly, like, bikini stuff, bathing suit and stuff like that,” told Denise.

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    Why Did Denise Richards Join Only Fans?

    After Sami made her only fans account she faced some public backlash. She said that it’s a throwback to the old when one joins a site like that. She did that in support of her daughter. Denise said that being a mother who has been an actress and done stuff in her past, it’s empowering to take control and own all the content.

    Denise said, “The reason why I wanted to join was because she got so much backlash for that, that I didn’t think it was really fair. I’ve done things in my career, I’ve done Playboy and obviously Wild Things, and I’ve done sexy shoots before promoting movies and stuff like that.”

    She further added, “Sometimes people say negative things — well, a lot of times they do and a lot of times they don’t — and I thought this is not fair that she would be getting this much backlash when a lot of people post stuff like that even just on Instagram. Not to take it as far as you can take it on OnlyFans, obviously, but still. It’s like, I just felt that it was not really fair for her to get that kind of backlash.”

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