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    Taylor Lautner’s Wife Claims To Be ‘Deceased’ After His Remark About His Ex Taylor Swift

    Tay Lautner (née Dome) was recently left speechless after her husband Taylor Lautner commented about his ex-girlfriend and singer Taylor Swift. This happened during the second episode of their podcast ‘The Squeeze’. Tay asked the actor if he could go back to one moment in his life, which one would it be and why. Lautner responded with ‘probably the 2009 VMAs’.

    For the uninitiated, the actor and the ‘Midnights‘ star were in a short-lived relationship in 2009. Lautner presented the award for Best Female Video, along with Shakira, on the ill-fated night of VMAs in 2009, when Kanye West went up on the stage and interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech after winning Best Female Video over Beyoncé.

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    Taylor Lautner Believes Altercation Between Taylor Swift And Kanye West Was An Act

    Kanye West and Taylor Swift on stage (2009 VMAs)
    Kanye West and Taylor Swift on stage (2009 VMAs)

    While elaborating on the VMAs, Taylor Lautner said that he was unaware that the Kanye West thing was ‘not a skit’ for the show. Tay responded by saying that she was ‘deceased’ and laughed at his response. She even asked if the answer was preplanned to which Lautner said, “Of course”. He went on to say that he couldn’t hear or see whatever was happening and that he assumed that it was a rehearsed skit that was supposed to be amusing for the crowd. He clarified that only after seeing Swift’s upset face did he realize that something was wrong and that he should have said something. Swifties around the world were exhilarated by his response and even loved Tay Lautner’s reaction to it.

    For the unversed, West went up the stage, took the mic from Swift, and declared that Beyoncé was the one who deserved the award for Best Female Video. The audience booed in response to him and he was subsequently removed from the show for the same. Later while accepting her award for the Video of the Year, Beyoncé called up Swift to continue and complete her abrupt acceptance speech.

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    When Did Taylor Swift Date Taylor Lautner?

    Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were rumored to be a couple while they were shooting for the film ‘Valentine’s Day‘. They went on to break up in December of that year. It is speculated that the song ‘Back To December’ on Swift’s third album ‘Speak Now‘ was about her and Lautner’s relationship.

    Currently, Swift is dating Chiefs player Travis Kelce after her breakup with British actor Joe Alwyn. They had a relationship since 2016, and despite engagement rumors, broke up after 6 years together. Whereas, Lautner started dating Tay Dome in 2018. They got engaged in November 2021 and got married a year later in November 2022.

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