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    What Is The Viral ‘Baby Blue’ Trend On TikTok? How Is It Dangerous?

    Social media is an amazing place but sometimes it can turn out to be rather nasty. And now popular social media app TikTok has come up with a rather disturbing trend. It is known as the ‘Baby Blue’ trend. 

    So what is this ‘Baby Blue’ trend? That is what we will be discussing today in detail. To some this is just a harmless fun activity but others might get triggered as well. Similar to the myth of Bloody Mary, the Baby Blue trend takes place in a bathroom. So let’s take a look. 

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    What Is The ‘Baby Blue’ Trend?

    What is The 'Baby Blue' trend on TikTok?
    What is The ‘Baby Blue’ trend on TikTok?

    Tiktokers have started a new trend on the social media platform that is both spooky and uncomfortable. Videos are flooding TikTok on the ‘Baby Blue’ trend. So let’s take a look at what this trend is.

    In the trend, the person must go to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. They have to make their arms in a way that they are holding an imaginary baby. Then they have to stare at the mirror and say “Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times. 

    If they can complete this task then their arms will feel heavy as if holding a ghostly imaginary baby. However, they must not hold the baby for long as their arms will get heavier as the ghostly baby increases in size and can even scratch their arms. They must flush the baby before it grows too big. Some also say that if the person holds on to the baby for too long, a woman appears in the mirror saying “Give me back my baby”. Things will get dangerous at this point. 

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    Is The ‘Baby Blue’ Trend Real?

    The 'Baby Blue' trend
    The ‘Baby Blue’ trend

    No, this trend is mostly made up by TikTok. The ritual is not real and it stems from an urban legend that is all. However, some may find this ritual to be triggering if they have lost a baby themselves. Losing one’s child is a heart wrenching grief. So it is understandable that a ghostly baby can be triggering.

    Many Tiktokers have uploaded videos of themselves doing this trend. And though some of them are spooky there is no truth to the trend. No woman appears in the mirror or scratches do not happen on your arms. So watching the ‘Baby Blue’ trend may be entertaining to some but do take care of your mental health as well.

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