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    Cute Little Girl Tries To Convince Everyone She Is Evil And Internet Is In Love With Her

    A little girl named Maddy has gone viral because of a TikTok video of hers. While getting her hair done by someone, her father tells her that she’ll change the world.

    The series of responses that follow are level A grade cuteness, as one will be taken aback by the surreal naivety of the girl and her simultaneous attempts at being sassy. Netizens couldn’t stop smiling at the girl’s responses.

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    Maddy Is Told By Her Parents That She Will Change The World

    The TikTok video started with Maddy’s parents telling her, “you’re gonna change the world someday.” What response would you have given if you were told this by your parents? Probably a heartfelt thank you for them believing in you. But what did Maddy respond? “No I won’t. I’m evil.”

    She goes on further to explain why she wouldn’t “change the world,” and what alternative plans she has in the bag. While squinting her eyes, and giving a sinister look, Maddy continues, “I’ll make everybody witches and bats and vampires!” Her parents also add will you be making everyone sassy just like you, to which she accepts, yes.

    @mymadisynMaddy’s know she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body!! Sass…yes!! Mean…No!! 😆😆

    ♬ original sound – Vikki

    A few seconds later into the video, and poof! Maddy’s diabolical intentions vanish! A beautiful smile appears on her face while she says, “I’m kidding. I would never do that.” In the comment section of the video, her mother commented, “Maddy doesn’t have a mean bone in her body! Sass…yes!! Mean..No!!

    People React To The Cute Video

    The comment section had several reactions by the netizens, mostly hilarious, which added to the fun. One comment read, “She 100% said she was kidding in case anyone decided to foil her plans to do EXACTLY as she said.” Another person added, “She realizes she said too much.”

    Even the Reddit space was talking about Maddy. Someone posed a theory on the Reddit comments, saying that perhaps Maddy had an impromptu change of heart, “She decided at the last moment that with her great power comes great responsibility.” Another added, “She won’t. But she could.

    The debate of whether little Maddy is a camouflaged evil, or truly a fairy at heart, will still be up for debate, but everyone can settle on two things for sure. One, Maddy is sassy, and two, she’s adorably funny.

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