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    ‘Friends’ Characters Reimagined In Disney’s Enchanting World

    All the characters on the TV sitcom ‘Friends’ are immensely loved across the globe. While Phoebe is a favorite for many because of her eccentricity, Rachel is loved for her elegant style, and Monica for her fierceness in love and life alike. The male characters on the show are no different — while Joey’s innocence has won many hearts, Chandler’s sarcasm and Ross’s brilliance have also secured a place in people’s hearts just as gracefully.

    The sitcom continues to live on years after its production stopped, as its characters resonate with millions even today. In a world where each fan may have a different fantasy for the show’s narrative, we are reimagining the sitcom’s characters in the Disney world. Here’s who our beloved Friends would be if they were Disney characters.

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    Phoebe Buffay As Cinderella

    Phoebe Buffay As Cinderella (Image: Facebook)

    At first glance, Phoebe Buffay’s carefree character may look nothing like Cinderella’s grace, but let us explain. The disparity between the two characters is striking – Phoebe, a whimsical, guitar-strumming free spirit, is nothing like the shy, mostly suppressed Cinderella. But if you really think about it, the parallels emerge. Both Phoebe and Cinderella have a rags-to-riches storyline.

    Phoebe’s character on the show has seen a very dark past, with no financial stability and a problematic family dynamic. However, she finds herself living in Manhattan as she grows up, among a group of loving friends and eventually with her wonderful husband, Mike. Cinderella’s story is similar — a damsel in distress finds her Prince charming as she navigates her way to the royal court despite all odds. So Phoebe fits in perfectly well in Cinderella’s Disney World.

    Rachel Green As Belle

    Rachel Green As Belle (Image: Facebook)

    The fashion guru of ‘Friends’, Rachel Green has very stark similarities with Belle. Both characters have a passionate love for the things that define them. While Rachel is deeply in love with styling, Belle is the princess who values nothing more than her books. The elegance that both of them share goes without saying. But a deeper look also places them on the same wavelength with regard to their characteristics as curious, independent, and passionate women.

    While Belle is a princess for all logical reasons, Rachel also is her daddy’s princess. With a rich background and almost no knowledge of the real world during the initial few seasons of the show, Rachel figures her way out eventually and aces it. She would certainly be a great fit in the Disney World where libraries are as enchanting as runways.

    Monica Geller As Snow White

    Monica Geller As Snow White (Image: Facebook)

    Known for her cleaning habit and an in-general disciplined approach towards life, Monica is by far the strictest character on the show. Her grace, however, is not at all affected by her lone-soldier attitude. As fierce a woman as she is, Monica can take over and conquer the world alone if she has to.

    She would therefore seamlessly fit in as the princess who is the epitome of tidiness and grace – Snow White. The similarity lies not just in their impeccable housekeeping skills but also in their personalities. Both Monica and Snow White are caretakers at heart. They make sure their loved ones know they are loved. And how can we forget both their habit of whistling while they work? That settles it, Monica is the best fit for Snow White in the enchanted Disney world.

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    Joey Tribbiani As Tarzan

    Joey Tribbiani As Tarzan (Image: Facebook)

    The most naive and yet the cutest character on the show, Joey Tribbiani suits best as the carefree Tarzan. While it could seem like an unexpected match, it’s the nature of both these characters at their core that puts them in the same box.

    Joey has a rather uninhibited approach to life. He lives in the present, without worrying much about his future or past. Though his character comes off as a playboy in terms of his romantic relationships, Joey has the purest heart. His genuine emotions and loyalty to his chosen families match that of Tarzan’s. He would fit right in Tarzan’s world effortlessly.

    Ross Geller As Aladdin

    Ross Geller As Aladdin (Image: Facebook)

    Other than his sharp brain, Ross Geller’s character is known for his lover-boy approach when it comes to relationships. Ross gives it his all. Aladdin’s love is no different. He is all there for the love of his life. Another common thread between the two is their journey of self-discovery in their respective stories.

    Much like Aladdin, Ross navigates through the world with a thirst for knowledge and a heart that seeks genuine connection. Ross’s complicated relationships are much like what Aladdin faces while in pursuit of truth and love. Both characters, by the end of their stories, are transformed from all that they learn through their journeys.

    Chandler Bing As Prince Charming

    Chandler Bing As Prince Charming (Image: Facebook)

    Chandler Bing, the king of sarcasm, would be the perfect fit for Prince Charming. Apart from being an absolute gentleman that Prince Charming is, Chandler also shares his funny bone with the Disney character. Both are masters of comic timing, and both use humor as a defense against challenges.

    Though Chandler may not fit the traditional mold of a fairy tale prince with his awkwardness in most situations, his wit and his heart both align with that of Prince Charming.  Chandler has his own charm, especially when it comes to the love of his life on the show, Monica. Around her, he is no less than the ideal prince. So there it is, Chandler is Prince Charming (not a girl)!

    Disney would indeed become a much more beautiful place than it already is if its characters blended with that of ‘Friends’. Not that the crossover is likely, but hey, no harm in letting the best of our fantasies get to us!

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