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    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: In Which Episode Does The Hospital Shooting Take Place?

    For a medical series, ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ surely has a truckload of drama. Friendships, romantic scandals, heartbreaking deaths, and even a hospital shooting made ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ entertaining and thrilling. Despite being the longest-running series of 20 seasons and still continuing, it has a loyal fan base.

    The finale of season six, a two-part episode literally startled the hospital and its staff. Never had the doctors previously witnessed a lunatic with a gun on a killing spree inside the hospital. This endangered the lives of many doctors as well as patients, leaving everyone behind with trauma.

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    The Heartbreaking Hospital Shooting On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

    In the two-part episode, a grieving widower Gary Clark comes into the hospital with a loaded gun, seeking revenge on Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, and a group of doctors whom he blames for his wife’s demise. Clark first came to the hospital with his wife Alison who had been suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, after the surgery, she had a stroke, which meant that mechanical ventilation was the only thing that could keep her alive. According to her medical directive, she didn’t want that, so the machines were turned off despite Gary’s disapproval.

    In the episode ‘How Insensitive‘, Gary decided to sue the hospital, believing that his wife’s death was the fault of her medical team. While the lawsuit was still pending, he decided to quite literally take things into his own hands and purchase a gun. Armed with the weapon, he reached the hospital to shoot the doctors he believed were involved in Alison’s death, to seek revenge. Several staff members ignored him when he enquired about the Chief of Surgery. He then wandered into a supply closet, where he found Reed, and asked about the Chief of Surgery, but she denied giving up his location. Everyone at the hospital overlooked the power of a widower until he started gaining attention by shooting at people and the hospital went under total lockdown.

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    Which Characters Were The Victims Of The Shooting?

    The incident shook the entire staff at the hospital and left everyone traumatized and scared. Many doctors and nurses were severely injured due to this rampage of a man who lost his wife, and while avenging her, he ensured that the wrongdoers as per him paid the price with their lives. The shooting scene felt so real that it even affected the actors in the scene. Sarah Drew, who played the role of April Kepner, had panic attacks even after the shoot ended. Her character witnessed her best friend’s body (Reed) bleeding out in the storage room and April herself was in direct contact with the shooter who threatened to kill her.

    Later in the episode ‘Sanctuary‘, Derek tries to talk Gary down, telling him he is a flawed human being who made mistakes. It was starting to work, but then April came out of Derek’s office and shook Gary, who then shot Derek in the chest. Christina Yang was able to save him in the episode ‘Death and all his friends‘ after a death threat by Gary. Amidst this chaos, Meredith Grey asked him to shoot her instead of her husband Derek to really make it hurt for him. But the doctors play-acted that they were stopping the surgery and Meredith, thinking she had actually lost the love of her life, went through a miscarriage but still continued to save lives.

    At the other end of the hospital, Teddy helped Alex suture his wounds. Dr. Bailey and Richard were stuck outside the hospital. But before the S.W.A.T team could get to Gary, he shot himself.

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