In Which ‘Teen Wolf’ Episode Does Allison Argent Die?

The MTV teen-supernatural drama ‘Teen Wolf‘ was based on the original 1985 movie that starred Michael J. Fox which ran for six seasons before it wrapped up. Fans were surprised by the end of the series, as the show creators showed no prior indication of the end of the Beacon Hills gang headed by Scott McCall (Tyler Posey). Unfortunately, one of the show’s prominent characters, Allison Argent couldn’t come back and join the gang for the series finale to fight against her own family.

The show revolves around Scott McCall, a high school student of Beacon Hills, who gets bitten by an alpha werewolf – Derek Hale. The result of the bite led him to develop heightened physical abilities. Along with Stiles Stilinski, McCall forms a gang to protect Beacon Hills from the other supernatural creatures. The pack also involves Allison Argent – a skilled archer and McCall’s love interest, Lydia Martin – a banshee, and Jackson Whittemore, Scott’s arch nemesis.

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‘Teen Wolf’: How Does Allison Argent Die?

The death of Allison Argent, one of the show’s prominent characters was heartbreaking and devastating. Fans were shocked when Allison was killed in the finale of season three, ‘Insatiable’. The character went out heroically as she died of a fatal stab wound from an Oni sword. She took her last breath in the arms of her first love, Scott McCall, saying, “It’s okay. It’s perfect. I am in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved, the person I will always love.” If this scene did not make you weep, then are you even human?

Allison Argent came from a family of werewolf hunters, which also made her a skilled hunter. Her relationship with Scott ended right after she learned the truth about her family. Fans were disappointed with the couple breaking off too early in the series. But till her death, they never reunited, instead, she was dating Issac Lahey. But the demise of the coolest character of the series was actually Crystal Reed’a idea as she wanted to pursue a role appropriate for her age.

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Does Allison Argent Return In ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’?

Despite a short-lived appearance, Allison Argent became a fan favorite and her relationship with Scott McCall was adored. But her death, was also a huge loss to McCall’s pact as she was a great asset to the team. Crystal Reed made a cameo appearance in the later season, as Allison’s ancestor Marie-Jeanne Valet. The McCall pack reunited in the recent release of ‘Teen Wolf: the movie‘, which picked up from season six of the series. The fans were looking forward to knowing if Allison returns back to the pact.

Now that the pack is howling once again, Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed have not only expressed their interest in a sequel if Jeff Davis comes up with one, but they have also shared some ideas about what the sequel should include.  But even though the cast reunion calls for a celebration, unfortunately not everyone makes it out alive in the movie. Unlike Allison Argent, who came back to life after dying in the series, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) ultimately met his demise after attempting to safeguard his son Eli Hale from the Nogitsune and Oni.

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