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‘The Rings Of Power’: What Is Mount Doom And Why Is It Important In Sauron’s Plan?

The new Amazon series, ‘The Rings Of Power’ is a J.R.R Tolkien adaptation. The show has put ‘House of the Dragon’ behind in terms of viewership with 1.3 billion minutes watched. ‘The Rings Of Power’ takes place before the events of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in the second age of Middle Earth. The emphasis is on the re-emergence of evil in Middle-Earth. One of the primary and menacing antagonists is Sauron.

In the latest episode titled ‘Udûn,’ the Númenoreans and Adar’s orcs get head-to-head when the latter attack the Southlanders. Since the invasion of Adar and orcs, there has been digging of tunnels and underground ways for Sauron’s plans. These tunnels lead to the magma of Mount Doom or Orodruin. What is the significance of this place for Sauron?

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What Is Mount Doom, The Volcano In The Rings Of Power?

Sauron in The Rings Of Power
Sauron in The Rings Of Power

Lord Melkor formed Mount Doom in the First Age. It was located in northwestern Mordor on Gorgoroth Plateau. It was alleged that the mountain was formed by draining the Sea of Helcar. However, in the 12-volume series of ‘History of Middle Earth,’ this myth was busted.

The mountain was connected to Barad-dûr via Sauron’s dug underground tunnels and roads. The other inhabitants created a fire in their forges to create their weapons, artifacts, armor, etc., However, Sauron used the molten rock from the magma chamber of Mount Doom. He formed a permanent base at Orodruin.

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Why Is Mount Doom Significant For Sauron’s Plan?

Sauron at Mount Doom in The Rings Of Power
Sauron at Mount Doom in The Rings Of Power

Sauron was the darkest character in Tolkien’s fantasy world. Morgoth lured the angelic being, who was also responsible for waging wars between Men and Elves. Sauron was raised in the ranks of the demonic world of Morgoth. Sauron had no intentions of tweaking the earthly realms, but to keep Middle-Earth in order and free from chaos. However, during the Second and Third Ages, the lust for power led him to forge the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

In the new episode, when Adar gets caught, Galadriel and Halbrand confiscate a piece of blade. However, the original piece goes with Waldreg, who activates the blade by inserting it into the underground visage. The magma chamber acts as a dam to the water, but the water gets diverted into the valley leading to the eruption of the volcano due to the cooling of the chamber.  So, this leads to the inception of the dark world.

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