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Did You Know? Henry Cavill Refused To Take Steroids During His Bulk Up Phase To Play Superman

We all know Henry Cavill is a total fitness freak. He built and toned his body for the Man of Steel (2013) to do justice with the DC comic iconic superhero- Superman. Henry makes sure that he gets immersed in the character that he plays. And he feels lucky that he got a chance to play a role that was part of his childhood. But there are some little-known facts about his journey to becoming Superman. We will disclose one of those facts, we bet you did not know!

Did you know that Henry Cavill refused to take steroids and any digital look enhancement for his role In 2013 Man of steel? Yes, your read that right! Let us tell you the complete story of how The Witcher star made his body ready to play Superman.

Henry Cavill Refused To Consume Steriods

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

For every action movie, it is common that the actors get the help of steroids to get the desired look of a real superhero. Another factor is the time imperatives and the money invested in their films, but Henry is an exception. The British actor didn’t allow the needle in his body. Rather Henry revealed that he “wanted to push his body to its natural limits” so that he could see what he’s equipped for accomplishing. Likewise, he mentioned the digital final detailing to be the just basics while the film went into after creation.

The world of superheroes is incomplete if there is no Superman. Cavill did his best to keep the image of this iconic hero alive. The Superman-on-screen depiction by Henry Cavill is perhaps the best interpretation of the person. Also, not just for the Man of Steel, but for all superman movies, Hollywood hunk, Henry refused to take any kind of drug or injections.

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During an interview, he revealed that he did get an opportunity to get the help of steroids. But, he and his trainer, Mark Twight were against this and refuse to take any kind of external support for bodybuilding. Mark Twight suggested Cavill, pursue a faster route to reach that spot isn’t something that Superman would do, as per sources.

Cavill prepared enormous fundamental lifts like the deadlift, push presses, back hunching down and military squeezing as a staple. There was additionally a blend of ballistic Olympic lifts like the cleans jerks, power grabs, split jerk, and front squat. All of this was done in a circuit design to ensure that there was absolute muscle enlistment. Henry left everything in the gym since he needed to mass just like a characteristic lifter, he ate in a calorie excess and rested enough. Ultimately the final results of his six months of hard work resulted in the biggest Superman body ever on screen. So if you are looking up to for fitness motivation, you got Henry Cavill on your side!

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