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    Who Is Tommy Lee And Why Is He Urging Fans To “Pull Their F***ing Junk Out”?

    Tommy Lee, also known as Thomas Lee Bass, is an American musician. He is the founding member of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. He has not only been the band’s drummer but has also led the group’s identity. Mötley Crüe became famous both for its eccentric-lunatic concerts and also for its maniacal behavior offstage.

    When we say “maniacal behavior off-stage,” we mean incidents like Tommy Lee posting a full frontal nude selfie on his social media accounts. Yes, the drummer, on August 11, posted a naked selfie on Facebook and Instagram, and captioned it, “Ooooopppsss.” The X-rated selfie seemed to be taken in the bathroom. During his recent concert, the musician explained to his fans how he ended up violating Instagram’s sexual and nudity policy, while also urging the fans to “pull your f***ing junk out.

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    What Made Tommy Lee Post A D*** Picture?

    Tommy Lee posts a nude selfie on social media accounts
    Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

    On Monday, the group was performing in San Antonio, Texas. The drummer took a few minutes to explain how he ended up posting the obscene picture. “A couple of weeks ago, we had like a two-week break off the tour, and I went on a motherf***ing bender, bro,” Lee said. “I got f***ing sideways as f*** and got naked and posted pictures of my d***.” After his picture got deleted, Lee turned to a more artsy version of the NSFW picture, and posted it on Instagram and Facebook without any caption. His original nude picture is still up on his Twitter account, though.

    This is not the first time Tommy Lee has made it to the headlines for nudity and obscenity. In 1995, the drummer made a sex tape with his then-wife Pamela Anderson. The tape got leaked after Lee refused to pay an electrician for the work he did in his mansion. This sex tape story of Anderson and Lee was also released on Hulu recently, titled, ‘Pam & Tommy.’ The drama series recounts their love story and the controversial sex tape leak as a cautionary tale.

    Lee hadn’t ended up just giving his fans the behind-the-story of the nude selfie, but also asked his fans to pull their “f***ing junk out.”

    Lee Asks His Male Fans To Pull Out Their D*cks

    Tommy Lee shares the reason why he posted nude pictures of himself
    Tommy Lee

    Moving forward from his own penis selfie, the drummer then challenged his fans for the same thing and said, “Usually, I mean I’m a titty man, so I like to see titties, but tonight is equal-opportunity night. Tonight I wanna see everyone’s d***. C’mon boys, pull your s*** out. Pull your f***ing junk out. Let’s go.” His challenge was met with loud cheers. He also pointed at one concertgoer and yelled, “He’s ready to pull his d*** out. Show the whole world that motherf***ing hot dog.” The fan was initially playing along but later denied the request, and Lee joked, “The wife says no? Divorce!

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