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    Why Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn’t Have Any Kids? Is He Against Starting A Family?

    Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his astounding performances in ‘Titanic‘, ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Revenant’. He has won many accolades including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and three Golden Globes. He is also infamously known for dating younger women. He keeps a relatively low profile with his relationships.

    However, Leo has been seen going out with his model girlfriends many times. Fans have noted that his relationships never tend to last long. Why is the actor against starting a new family? Let us know more about it.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio, The Ladies’ Man

    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio has had a new girlfriend every year or so. He has stated formerly that he has no belief in marriage. Although, he has retrieved the statement and has quoted that he does want to settle in, the late 2000s. He said, “I want to get married and have children. In saying that, I realize I am contradicting everything I’ve said before.” He also added, “I absolutely believe in marriage.”

    The actor was dating an Israeli model called Bar Refaeli. Their relationship went on for two years and then they called it quits in 2011. It was after this breakup, that he started dating numerous models. In 2010, in an interview in Germany, he shared that his biological clock isn’t ticking yet enough to consider having kids and a family.

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    Why Does The Actor Reluctant To Start A Family?

    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    In the interview, DiCaprio said, “I’d like to leave it to fate if and when I’m going to be a father. A part of me has too many professional plans to even seriously consider it. When I see the children in my family though, the idea of having children doesn’t seem too far-fetched.” He also added that in show-business loneliness is a dangerous factor. Sometimes, actors have to leave their family and friends to shoot in a place that is remote and lonely. Sometimes, after shooting, being in a room looking at himself in the mirror, he realizes how lonely he is.

    After calling it quits with the model Kelly Rohrbach in 2016, DiCaprio made it clear in the reports that he wanted the public to focus more on his work rather than on his dating life. He stated, “I liked it when you went to see a movie and you didn’t know everything about the actor.” He said in an interview that he still did not feel like an accomplished actor and he wanted to focus more on his acting. The Academy Award winner also added that he does not want to shift his focus from his career to marriage.

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