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    Scream For Cash: Here’s How You Can Make Money By Watching Stephen King Movies

    Here’s some exciting news for movie buffs and Stephen King fans. Stephen King Scream Job: Chapter 3 is here with a Halloween treat. is organizing a challenge for horror movie lovers. You just need to watch the given Stephen King movies, and track your heart rates and jump scares.

    The major attraction of the challenge is its prize money which is $1300. The challenge is in connection to the Halloween celebrations and needs to be completed within the day of Halloween. So how many of you are excited to scream watching Stephen King movies and win the grand prize?

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    How To Do The Scream Job?

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    The challenge is pretty simple. First, watch the given Stephen King classics by Halloween. Along with it track your movie experience. The website will provide the participants with a Fitbit to help track their heart rate during those hair-raising scenes. The watching experience is also made sure to be enhanced. As these brave souls would be provided with a survival kit with a blanket, popcorn, candy, and some Stephen King paraphernalia in order to set the mood. There will also be a worksheet provided guiding you all along but also for you to journal down your experiences and other details.

    One of the conditions put forward by is that you have to be 18 years or older. Also one should be a US citizen or permanent resident to apply. The challenge doesn’t require any degree, drug test, or background check. The challenge also wants its partakers to be detail oriented while journaling their journey. If you satisfy these criteria you are good to go and win your $1300. The late date for the application is September 16 at noon MST.

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    Stephen King Scream Job: The Movies To Watch

    Stephen King Scream Job: Chapter 3
    Stephen King Scream Job: Chapter 3

    Carrie’ (original or 2013 remake), ‘Christine‘, ‘Creepshow‘, ‘Cujo‘, ‘Doctor Sleep‘, ‘Firestarter‘ (original or 2022 remake), ‘It‘ (original or 2017 remake), ‘It Chapter Two‘, ‘Misery‘, ‘The Mist‘, ‘Pet Sematary’ (original or 2019 remake), ‘Salem’s Lot‘, ‘The Shining‘ are the movies that are listed for the Stephen King Scream Job. These are some of the scariest movie adaptations of Stephen King’s novels. And these horror movies are gonna pave way for $1300. So join the challenge for the terror journey.

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