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What Is Kree-Skrull War In Marvel?

If you are a Marvel stan, you must be aware of the most influential arc marvel has. In this arc, the basic conflict between two alien races was brought to the earth. The story was originally published in the Marvel Comics comic book title Avengers #89–97 (June 1971 – March 1972). According to Wikipedia, “The “Kree–Skrull War” is considered by critics to be a highlight of its era,[3][4] and is the culmination of a string of notable Thomas–Adams collaborations from this period, which began with their run on X-Men in 1969.”


The story comprises nine issues and is written by Roy Thomas. This series arc not only contains elements from Captain Marvel (of course) but also from fantastic four, Inhumane. People consider it the landmark birthed by the silver age of comics. Let’s get to know all about it.

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Who Are Kree And Skrull?

Both Kree and Skrull are races that were experimented upon by powerful cosmic entities at the time of their evolution. Let’s start first by getting to know about “Kree”. Kree is the Blue space aliens who follow the techno-organic supercomputing hive mind called that Supreme Intelligence.

The Kree have been around for over 6 million years and have made their way in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ so far. They made their comic book debut in 1967’s Fantastic Four no.65. In that issue Ronan the accuser played the role of Villian alongside Supreme intelligence.

Skrulls are the native of Skrullos, a planet that was destroyed by Kree. Unlike the Kree, they are green-skinned and appeared as early as 1961 in Fantastic Four issue 2. Skrull is the shapeshifting and power-mimicking alien race of Marvel although they made their first cinematic debut in ‘Captain Marvel’. Kree is the biggest enemy of Skrulls so far.


What Is The Origin Of The War Between Kree And Skrull?

Both Kree and Skrull wanted to dominate the Earth. But they were defeated by Avengers and the Fantastic Four at last. But let’s look at how it all started. The war between Kree and Skrull has been going on for years and years. However, it all started when Skrull denied the Kree ideology.

Kree and Skrull were both superhuman entities born out of experimentation done by Celestials. They started building their own empire and soon their boundaries collided with each other. However, Kree had the advantage over Skrulls because of their advanced technology, so they gave them a chance to surrender under Kree rules.

Skrulls denied this condition, Kree marked them as fugitives and their planet was destroyed. After the destruction of Skrullos, the Skrulls almost became extinct. They disseminated themselves and spread over different planets to take refuge.


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How Did Earth And Its Heroes Got Involved In This War?

After Kree almost killed all the Skrull population, the remaining refugees spread over to different planets to hide. They went to all the planets that were powerful so could expand their own power and fight back. They possessed the power of shape-shifting hence it was not difficult to invade the earth. In movies like ‘Captain Marvel,’ we saw how they mimicked the powers of superheroes and lived in disguise for days.

Skrulls used their shape-shifting abilities to infiltrate Earth’s political power positions and even replaced popular superheroes. The secret plan of Skrulls came to an end after they were exposed in ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline. After this, their existence became known to Krees also, who came looking to put an end to Skrull resistance, and Earth’s heroes suddenly found themselves in the middle of a bloody Kree-Skrull war.


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Who Won The war?

Although, the Kree were more powerful than Skrulls by a huge margin. But the war went on for years and years and with the intrusion of the Avengers, the war finally ended. We can’t say who won and lost as both parties agreed to a ceasefire in the end. Although, Scarlet Witch(how awesome she is) played an important role in finally ending the centuries-long war.

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