Who Is Marvel’s Hyperion? Is He Really A Copy Of Superman?

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I saw everything perish, yes. That much is true. But it didn’t claim me. I remained apart from it, am its opposing force. I am the sun — and I have no use for death.” Hyperion is the Eternals’ last surviving member. He was sent to Earth and raised by a human family under the name Mark Milton. Hyperion is immensely powerful and holds the ability to absorb cosmic energy, which gives him incredible strength, super speed, flight, and even atomic vision.

Over the years Marvel and DC are known for creating similar characters. People call them a “Rip off” and Hyperion is also said to be one. Marvel’s well-known all-powerful character is not the first one who is kept under the “copied” radar. Let’s find out more about this superhero.

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Who Is Hyperion?

Hyperion is marvel’s fictional character appearing in American comic books. However, there are several versions of this hero made over the years, the original Hyperion was first seen in ‘The Avengers #69’. It was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema. There are a few alternate versions each from a different dimension of the Marvel Multiverse, and consist of both heroes and villains.

The writer claims that the character was intended as a pastiche of DC’s iconic hero Superman. Two years after the character’s first appearance, Thomas and penciler John Buscema created a version of an alternate reality, Squadron Supreme. Hyperion joined the Avengers and later the Earth-616 version of the Squadron Supreme.

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Is This Marvel Hero Superman’s Copy?

First of all, Superman is the ultimate superhero, an absolute benchmark. This makes him something that other writers strive to create while writing a new character. Although over the years there have been many superheroes that match the power or personality of DC’s iconic Superman in some way or the other.

Secondly, the writers of the character themselves claimed that they took the inspiration for the character from the Justice League character, “Superman”. Although Hyperion cannot exactly be called a copy as he holds his own personality and backstory. However one cannot deny the similarities that both these characters hold.

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