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    Charlie Puth Is Having Trouble Planning His Wedding With Brooke Sansone

    As singer Charlie Puth braces up for his wedding with his fiancé, Brooke Sansone, he opened up about the challenges he is facing with the preparations. While the couple is beaming with joy as they are about to begin their journey as husband and wife together, the wedding preparations are not something they are loving.

    Ahead of his performance at TikTok’s ‘In the Mix‘ event, the 32-year-old singer compared planning his upcoming wedding with planning a trip. Though Charlie Puth generally prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, he spoke to the People about how he is going about the wedding preparations.

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    Charlie Puth Says Planning A Wedding Is “More Intense” Than Planning A Tour

    Charlie Puth got engaged to his fiance earlier this year. (Image: Instagram)

    Acknowledging that he tends to be a bit secretive when it comes to his personal matters, Puth said, “I like to keep some things in the confines of our home, of course, because stuff gets out so easily… but planning a wedding is a lot like planning a tour. It’s probably even more intense.”

    It seems that although the singer would be one of the lucky people who get to marry the love of their life, he has his own share of struggles to figure out before he ties the knot.

    Charlie Puth and his fiancé Brooke Sansone have known each other for a long time as they are family friends. The couple went public with their relationship in an Instagram post for his 31st birthday in 2022.

    Soon after, the singer proposed to Sansone in September 2023. Speaking about the relationship, Puth said that he feels that their bond is “kind of just in the DNA.”

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    Charlie Puth‘s Relationship With Brooke Sansone Is “Kind Of In The DNA”

    Puth and Sansone are family friends. (Image: Instagram)

    I’ve known her. I mean, she grew up one town over from me in New Jersey, and my parents know her parents,” Charlie Puth said.

    Her dad has been best friends with my dad since the third grade, so it’s kind of like I’m just gaining another family right away, even before the wedding. And they’ve also known me before the fame, before everything, so I can’t think of a better situation, quite frankly,” he said.

    The love between the two is not hidden from the world as they both continue to shower each other with generous gestures. In his last birthday post on Instagram, Charlie Puth flaunted the birthday presents that Sansone gave him on his 32nd birthday on December 2.

    Sansone surprised her fiancé with an Apple computer from 1991, the year of Puth’s birth. It came complete with old recording software. Touched by the gift, Puth described it as “the coolest present ever“.

    [The] serial number’s from December of 1991, which is obviously when I was born, and the computer came with old recording software on it. Obviously, it’s very rudimental, but it’s so cool just to see how they were able to record music in the past,” Charlie Puth said.

    She searched far and wide for that gift, we both love giving gifts,” he said. “Now I’ve got to top it for her birthday,” the singer added.

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