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    Is Charlie Puth Gay? Was He In A Relationship With BTS’ Jungkook?

    American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth recently collaborated with BTS’ Jungkook, and released the song, ‘Left and Right’. Considering the versatility of both these singers and how their vocals complement each other perfectly, the song became an instant hit. The two previously performed together in 2018, at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards. It was a splendid performance, where they sang Charlie’s global hit, ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore.’ Later, Charlie also sang the band’s song ‘Fake Love’ along with the rest of the members.

    As the music video for ‘Left And Right’ was released, fans speculated that the storyline in the MV was portraying two men in love who are occupying each other’s minds. Moreover, multiple interviews and talk shows revealed Charlie talking endearingly about Jungkook and his looks. A discourse on Charlie being in love with Jungkook spurned up, and lots of speculations were thus made.

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    Charlie Puth Confirms ‘Left And Right’ Music Video Is About Two Gay Lovers

    Charlie Puth and Jungkook's new song, Left and Right has a music video with the storyline of gay lovers
    Charlie Puth and Jungkook in ‘Left and Right’ music video

    In the ‘Left And Right’ music video, one comes across Charlie’s character seeking a therapist because his mind is too occupied with his ex-partner, which happens to be the character BTS’ maknae, Jungkook plays. As rows of tweets and discussions went around, Charlie took the decision to end the debate once and for all. He posted a screenshot of one of the comments under the music video on his Instagram story, which said, “Since no one else is pictured besides the two, the assumption that the two guys are occupying each other’s mind, which I think is great! I’m all for normalizing this.” There, the singer confirmed it was a gay lovers’ music video.

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    Charlie Gushed About How Attractive Jungkook Is

    Charlie Puth gushes about Jungkook's attractive looks.
    Charlie Puth and Jungkook

    In a recent interview with iHeartRadio‘Z100 New York, Charlie spilled a lot of details about the collaboration. The ‘Light Switch’ singer simply said Jungkook was the first person who came to his mind for the song, and he immediately reached out to him. The next set of questions had Charlie gushing a little, and this is what the fans picked up because Charlie certainly couldn’t stop simping over BTS’ youngest member, who turned 25 a few days back. The interview host, Maxwell, questioned about the cover art, which had the two standing very close to each other, and touching their ears. When Maxwell asked, “To have that brotherhood, to have that friendship to where it’s okay to touch ears… But it’s just like … it naturally comes through even in the cover art, man,” Charlie simply replied, “I mean, he’s a handsome guy.”

    In other of his interviews with Hits 1‘s Morning Mash Up, Charlie was at a loss for words when it came to how attractive Jungkook is. He said, “Jungkook is a very attractive human,” and added again, “No, but I was like… Wow,” when the host agreed, saying, “He is. He really is beautiful.” The host and Puth even referenced Howard Stern’s “Hey now!” to best describe their reaction when it comes to witnessing Jungkook’s looks.

    Well, if you thought this was the last of the “gay moments” shown by Puth, as the fans called it, you are wrong. There was even more frenzy when Charlie replied to an ARMY’s (BTS fans) question about what Jungkook smells like. Charlie’s response was, “I don’t know, I didn’t really take the time to smell it… Maybe soap?!

    Regardless of these talk shows and reactions, along with the theme of their collaboration song, none of the singers have commented on having a romantic relationship. All the more, Charlie has previously shared that the two often chat, sometimes even having to use a translator. Their topics of conversation mostly include music and song recommendations. Moreover, Puth has never hinted at identifying himself as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. He has a long history of dating, which has till now only included women.

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