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    Sabrina Carpenter Drops New Single ‘Please Please Please’ And Hard-Launches Her Relationship With Barry Keoghan

    Pop princess Sabrina Carpenter is here to save the pop scene as she emerges with another breakthrough single called ‘Please Please Please’ from her highly anticipated sixth album ‘Short N Sweet’ that will be out in August.

    The single is another refreshing taste of Carpenter’s musical prowess and the music video has garnered millions of views within its release. As a surprise, Sabrina has also hard launched her relationship with her boyfriend Barry Keoghan as they play lovers in the video.

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    Sabrina Carpenter And Barry Keoghan Play Lovers In ‘Please Please Please’

    Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in 'Please Please Please' music video (Source: Youtube)
    Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in ‘Please Please Please’ music video (Source: Youtube)

    The single is possibly a dedication towards Barry Keoghan as Sabrina sings to her lover in the song, talking about the people surrounding her who are criticising the relationship. For context, Carpenter has been getting a lot of comments surrounding the relationship as Keoghan is six years older than her and has a son.

    She sings, “I know I have good judgment, I know I have good taste/ It’s funny and it’s ironic that only I feel that way/ I promise ’em that you’re different and everyone makes mistakes”

    The video, which is directed by Bardia Zeinali, opens with Carpenter sitting in a jail cell. She then sees Barry Keoghan being carried into custody. She accompanies him after he is released, and we watch as she participates in his antics to abduct a guy and loot a bank. The pattern repeats itself: Carpenter drives Keoghan away after he is detained, cuffs him to a chair, and covers his lips with duct tape.

    The song is also produced by Jack Antonoff, which makes fans believe that it’s possible he will have more influence on her upcoming album.

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    Fans React To The ‘Please Please Please’ Music Video

    Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in 'Please Please Please' music video (Source: Youtube)
    Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in ‘Please Please Please’ music video (Source: Youtube)

    Fans all over are fawning over the music video and at Barry’s performance in it, calling them the IT couple and finally seeing the vision.

    This isn’t however the first time the couple has made a public interaction. Before this, Keoghan has been supporting her on her Coachella performance, her Eras Tour performance and even wearing bracelets of her name. They have also been spotted on dates and award shows, making the relationship official.

    Apart from that, he is also her #1 cheerleader as he continues to support her on social media by dropping comments on all her posts and also promoting her latest single.

    It would be interesting to see what turn the relationship takes and how much influence he will have on her next album. Hopefully a lot, because they undoubtedly are an It couple and we totally see the vision.

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