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Apple TV+ Challenges Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ With Its Own Period Romance ‘The Buccaneers’

Move over ‘Bridgerton‘, because Apple TV+’s new show The Buccaneers is challenging the Netflix show with similar themes and characters. There’s even a Taylor Swift song.

The show, which premiered on 8th November, is based on a setting similar to ‘Bridgerton‘ and has managed to catch the eye of viewers as a show with potential. Here’s everything about ‘The Buccaneers’.

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‘The Buccaneers’: ‘Bridgerton’ With An American Twist

The Buccaneers

Apple TV+’s ‘The Buccaneers’, which is based on Edith Wharton’s incomplete final book, is about five American women who cross the Atlantic to help London’s aristocratic families—whose titles belie their lack of wealth—by coming to their aid. Nan (Kristine Froseth), Jinny St. George (Imogen Waterhouse), Lizzy (Aubri Ibrag), and Mabel (Josie Totah), travel to the UK with their own good fortunes to find some single men after Conchita (Alisha Boe) marries Lord Marable (Josh Dylan) in a short amount of time.

Even with the Americanness of the show, it stands out as a suitable competitor of Bridgerton. Three episodes are out yet and fans are already hooked to the show. It explores themes of girlhood, feminism and gender dynamics, along with keeping it fresh for GenZ by featuring some of the best artists right now. Taylor Swift’s ‘Nothing New‘ has found a place in the series along with Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘All American Bitch‘.

Is ‘The Buccaneers’ going to usurp ‘Bridgerton‘? Only time will tell that. Here’s how viewers have reacted to the first episodes of the show.

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“Erotic Jane Austen”: Viewers React To Apple TV+’s New Show

The Buccaneers

Viewers had mostly positive reviews on the show just after three episodes of ‘The Buccaneers‘.

Some applauded the presence of LGBTQ+ elements in the show.

Some also praised the movie writers.

Kate Winslet’s daughter also is a part of the show.

Overall, the series received positive reviews from viewers.

‘The Buccaneers’ is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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