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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Who Is Morgoth?

    The Rings of Power‘ part of ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ series has been airing on Amazon Prime for the past month. There is a lot a casual viewer needs to know about the Tolkein universe. Here’s one thing about one of the prime villains. Morgoth, the villain of all times, is a single phrase to describe the being. So what about the infamous Sauron? Sauron was only a servant to this greater more primal evil way back in time.

    How did the greed for power and the need to be like the creator, Eru make Morgoth an epitome of evil and darkness? He was one of the most powerful of all the beings in existence, second only to Illuvatar. But blinded by power, he could never put his strength to any use for the greater good. Morgoth left back a long legacy. He started all evil. Though captured and pushed into the Void, this powerful Ainar still had his power pumped through the permanent damages he did and through his former lieutenant and the Dark Lord Sauron.

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    Morgoth: Origin Of The Villain


    Margoth, initially Melkor was one of the most powerful Ainur (angelic beings) that was created by Eru Illuvatar. During the Great Music of The Ainar, Melkor which means ‘He Who Rises In Might’, attempted to alter the music and introduce his own elements into the music. but he had failed in his attempt. The understanding that he would never be like the Eru, the true creator agitated him. The flaw Melkor created in the Great Music, the history and the material of the Middle-earth cycle, became the evil in Middle-earth.

    After the creation, many Ainars entered Ea. The most powerful of the Ainar, known as Valar were attracted to particular aspects of the world. Melkor was attracted to terrible extremes and the violent. He misguided many Ainur to his service, marred Arda, and fought the Valar. He filled Arda with darkness, fire, great pits, and fortresses. The First Age in Middle-earth was much about his theft of the Silmarils and his wars against Men and Elves. Finally, Margoth was bound to chains by the Valar and thrown into the Void. But he imprinted his evil in the permanent damages he did and also left Void with his former lieutenant to continue his wrath.

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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Morgoth And Sauron


    The two Dark Lords of Middle-earth, Morgoth and Sauron were the greatest evils of their times and feared by all. Sauron started off as a lieutenant to the greater Ainar, Morgoth, and later became his successor. While Morgoth was a Valar, Sauron was a Maiar, a rank just below the former. Morgoth was the powerhouse during the First Age. His crimes included the destruction of the Two Lamps, the Two Trees, the theft of Silmarils, the cursing of Huron and his children, and the massive massacre of Valar.

    While Sauron would take over his master from the middle of the Second Age to the beginning of the Third Age. His dirty deeds include the distribution of the rings, which corrupted the Nazgul, the destruction of Aragorn, the downfall of Numenor, and the genocide of the End Wives. The wrongdoings of the evildoers don’t end here, they are all bound to rise again.

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