‘Chainsaw Man’: Why Did Himeno Sacrifice Herself To Save Aki? 


The emphasis on Himeno in the first several ‘Chainsaw Man‘ episodes seemed excessive. Additionally, when it comes to a Tatsuki Fujimoto series, viewers should be ready for the sudden deaths of key characters and an unexpected turn in events. 

Himeno was presented to us as a nice and lovely young woman who collaborates with Aki Hayakawa. She has a reputation for using odd tactics to inspire her team members to perform flawlessly. In contrast to the typically self-centered and selfish people that ‘Chainsaw Man‘ introduces, Himeno genuinely cares about her comrades, especially Aki. Because of this, she immediately became popular, and now her fans are speculating as to whether or not she is deceased. 

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How Did Himeno Die? 

Himeno Death

At a restaurant, Power, Denji, and the team were eating lunch. A couple of passengers on the train suddenly pull out their weapons and shoot Makima and her teammate in the head. At the same time as an elderly woman attacks Kobeni and Arai, Katana Man shoots Denji in the skull and Himeno in the chest. After that, Aki and Katana Man engage in a fierce duel in which Aki harnesses the force of Curse Devil to deal damage. By stabbing the Katana Man three times, he successfully casts the curse; the victim then collapses to the ground and appears to have vanished forever.  

However, his friend Akane Sawatari intervenes to save him, allowing Katana Man to severely wound Aki. Himeno summons the Ghost Devil and strikes a deal with it to grant her all of its power in exchange for taking Aki’s entire body in order to prevent Aki from being slain. Himeno’s proposition is accepted, and the Ghost Devil launches an assault on the Katana Man. Akane summons the Snake Devil and kills the Ghost Devil just as it is about to attack Katana Man. Himeno is no longer there, and all that is left are her clothes, as Aki notices. 

Why Did She Sacrifice Herself To Save Aki?   

Himeno And Aki

Himeno jumped in to save Aki because she loved Aki Hayakawa and was determined to do whatever it took to keep him alive. Both the most recent episode and the ‘Chainsaw Man‘ comic make this clear. Himeno requested that Denji arrange for her to meet Aki in exchange for helping him get along with Makima. There are several instances like these that demonstrate how much Himeno loved Aki. 

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Aki also had feelings for Himeno, but it wasn’t until she passed away that he understood them. He suffered from trauma for a protracted period of time and was unable to forget what Mom had given up for him. But over time, Aki begins to rediscover his motivation for assassinating the Gun Devil and exacting his revenge. 

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