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    ‘Demon Slayer’: What Happens If Somebody Awakens Their Demon Slayer Mark After 25 Years Of Age?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the most popular anime currently and for good reason. The anime series is currently in its third season which covers the Swordsmith Village arc. The season was very well received by the fans and the characters in particular are loved by the fans. The newest episodes show that Muichiro Tokito awakens his demon slayer mark. 

    This makes fans curious about one thing. They wish to know what the demon slayer mark is and what happens if someone awakens their mark after they’ve turned 25 years of age. 

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    What Is The Demon Slayer Mark?

    Yoriichi with his demon slayer mark
    Yoriichi with his demon slayer mark

    The demon slayer mark as the name suggests is a mysterious mark that appears on the body of a demon slayer. There are conditions to awakening the mark. The mark gives its user tremendous power but these powers are short-lived. The origin of the mark is unknown. It is not confirmed how and when the mark first came into existence, however, Yoriichi Tsugikuni is the first person to have been shown having the mark. Yoriichi is the creator of the sun breathing style, the first ever breathing style, and is the strongest demon slayer to have ever existed. 

    For the mark to awaken, the user must endure some very harsh conditions. He must have a heart rate of 200 beats per minute or more. His body temperature must also be greater than 39 degrees. In addition to that, the slayer must come in contact with someone who possesses the mark or their mark wouldn’t be awakened even if they endure such conditions. However there are exceptions to these requirements as Yoriichi had the mark from birth and Tanjiro as well, however, his mark was underdeveloped. The people who awaken their marks die before they turn 25. The only exception was Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

    What Happens If They Awaken The Mark After 25?

    Kokushibo talking about the marked individuals
    Kokushibo talking about the marked individuals

    As is known to most ‘Demon Slayer’ fans, the marked individuals die before they turn 25. The mark in a way, exchanges power instead of the user’s life span. All the individuals who have awakened the mark have died before the age of 25 except Yoriichi himself who grew old. However, every other individual has died. 

    The only person who has awakened their demon slayer mark after turning 25 is Gyomei Himejima, the stone Hashira. Gyomei was 27 when he awakened his mark. He was fighting Kokushibo when he awakened his mark. Kokushibo mentioned that it was a pity that he had the mark and said that anyone who has the mark doesn’t live past 25 years of age. This could mean that people who awaken their marks after turning 25 die within hours of awakening them. Gyomei did die within 48 hours, but that was because of his wounds. Therefore it is still unknown what would happen if a fan awakens their mark after 25. However, fans believe that the person would die within hours. 

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