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    “It’s Already Starting To Be Heartbreaking”: Maya Hawke Reveals How ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Is Feeling About The Show’s End  

    Stranger Things‘ fans are bracing themselves for a bittersweet end of the show. As exciting as the news of a new season is, it is also heartbreaking since it’ll be the last time fans would be seeing their favorite characters on screen. As the release date of ‘Stranger Things’ season 5 draws closer, actor Maya Hawke shared how the show’s cast is feeling about the final season.

    The horror sci-fi series created by the Duffer brothers is prepared to release its final season in 2025. Maya Hawke, who plays the character of Robin Buckley in the Netflix series, has opened up about how the show’s cast is taking the end of the show.

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    Maya Hawke Talks About ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

    Maya Hawke as Robin
    Maya Hawke as Robin

    Stranger Things‘ season 5 is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated seasons in the history of sci-fi shows. The final season of the Netflix series, set to release in 2025, is close to wrapping up the production. Giving some insight into what is up on the sets of the show, Maya Hawke opened up about the ‘Stranger Things‘ finale.

    It’s already starting to be heartbreaking, you know? I mean, it’s the end of a really long journey,” Hawke said. “Longer for some of my castmates, even, than for me. So it’s really sentimental. But as a late addition cast member, I feel like it’s my job to be here to facilitate their feelings and just be grateful and excited to have been a part of it at all,” Hawke added.

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    Maya Hawke Talks About The Bonding Between The Cast

    Stranger Things
    Stranger Things

    Stranger Things‘ has gained a huge fan following over the years, since its release in 2016. The end of the show will mark the end of an era for the fans as well as the show’s cast. With the shooting of the final season almost nearing its wrap up, the actors are also bracing themselves for a bittersweet moment.

    However, despite the knowledge that they are going to part ways, Maya Hawke detailed that all of them share a close bond. “We shoot for a long time, so it’s kind of reinvigorating [to bring] the joy and finding it everyday and making it new,” Hawke said. “It’s a really fun thing to do,” she added.

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