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    Nicolas Cage’s Son Weston Arrested For Assaulting His Mother Amid His “Mental Health Crisis”

    While Nicolas Cage is set to retire from Hollywood as he recently declared, his son is seemingly paving his way — but not in good spirits. Weston Cage Coppola, the superstar’s son, has found himself in legal trouble yet again. And the allegations against him this time are perhaps more dramatic than ever.

    The 33-year-old was arrested in Los Angeles for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly attacking his mother, Christina Fulton. Though he was immediately bailed out on a $150,000 bond, Weston’s latest incident has stirred quite the commotion. Here’s what happened.

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    Weston Cage Allegedly Assaulted His Mother During An Altercation

    Weston Cage
    Weston Cage

    An official of the Los Angeles Police Department on Wednesday confirmed Nicolas Cage’s son Weston’s arrest. “I can confirm that Weston Cage Coppola was arrested today for assault with a deadly weapon. He was arrested by LAPD’s 77th Division,” the official said during a press briefing. The arrest ties back to an incident in April, when he allegedly attacked his own mother Christina Fulton.

    Addressing the alleged attack on May 6, Fulton told People, “Weston and I had no argument prior to the incident. On Sunday, April 28, I was reached out to by several of Weston’s best friends for assistance because they were experiencing Weston in a mental-health crisis.” Fulton then claimed that she tried her best to ensure her son’s safety, despite the situation escalating into what she described as a “horrific experience.”

    I have always supported helping my son with his mental-health struggles. I am doing all I can to get him the continued support he needs,” Fulton said. Reports at the time of the incident indicate the mother-son duo’s fight was initially verbal and then quickly turned physical, leading to a battery report being filed.

    Neither Cage nor his son or their representatives have given any official statement after the arrest.

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    Weston Cage Has A History Of Drug Abuse

    Nicolas Cage and his son Weston Cage
    Nicolas Cage and his son Weston Cage

    Weston Cage is Nicolas Cage’s eldest child, and has had a turbulent history. He is a musician and actor, having fronted metal bands ‘Eyes of Noctum’ and ‘Arsh Anubis’. He made his acting debut alongside his father in the 2005 film ‘Lord of War’.

    The Flash‘ star once praised his son as “the total artist” in a 2015 interview with People. The actor has been a proud father as he has often lauded his son’s talents in music, acting, sculpting, cooking, and fatherhood.

    However, Weston’s struggles with substance abuse have been public. In 2017, he faced a DUI and hit-and-run charge in Los Angeles. Reflecting on his battles, he once remarked, “It got to the point where people thought I was digging my grave.”

    It is not confirmed what the case might mean for the actor-singer and his career.

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