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    Watch: Sabrina Carpenter Drops A Savage Outro At 2024 Gov Ball Proving She Is A Huge LGBTQ+ Ally

    If there’s one person who’s seemingly having the biggest break of her career right now, it’s Sabrina Carpenter. The pop star has been on the rise ever since she performed with Taylor Swift and then proceeded to release the song that is currently trending everywhere- ‘Espresso’. She also announced a new album that has gotten fans super excited.

    Apart from releasing chart toppers, Sabrina has also been performing live constantly ever since she left the ‘Eras Tour.’ Her latest live performance was at the Governors ball where she sang all her hits and also sneaked in a little statement, proving she’s the ultimate ally. Here’s what she said.

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    Sabrina Carpenter Addresses “Pride Haters” During Her ‘Nonsense’ Outro

    Sabrina Carpenter
    Sabrina Carpenter

    Sabrina Carpenter’s fans are fully aware that she enjoys tweaking songs during her live performances. Basically, she creates some x rated, rhyming couplets specifically for each setting, which are mostly just sex puns.

    However, on June 9 at her Governors Ball, she pulled a double-dealer by calling out anti-LGBTQ+ bigots and making a lurid joke out of the outro while singing her hit ‘Nonsense‘.

    “Do I text him back? It’s such a tough call / That won’t fit inside me, bro, I’m dumb small / People who hate Pride can suck my Gov Balls,” she sang.

    As applause and cheers erupted throughout the stadium, she then told the crowd, “Happy Pride, New York! I love you so much.”

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    Sabrina Carpenter Recently Released A New Album

    Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in 'Please Please Please' music video (Source: Youtube)
    Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in ‘Please Please Please’ music video (Source: Youtube)

    After starting the new era with the much loved ‘Espresso‘, Sabrina Carpenter dropped another single called ‘Please Please Please’ starring her real life boyfriend Barry Keoghan.

    The new album will be out in August and promises to be an ultimate taste of the pop princess’ genre as fans eagerly await for more snippets of the new music.

    After her five previous albums, fans have been talking about how her success now is much deserved as she continues to rebuild her image and aesthetic for the new music she’s putting out. Hopefully it’s as good as fans’ expectations are.

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