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    Does Leonardo DiCaprio Own A Yacht? How Much Does It Cost?

    If there is an acting maverick with a great range, it is Leonardo DiCaprio. His contribution to cinema is inexplicable. From a maniac tycoon to a sweet, chocolate boy to a carnivore tearing a bear and living in it, he has been a tour de force. But, apart from acting, ‘The Aviator’ star has been a leading advocate for climate change phenomenon. Even before activists took the baton to fight against climate change, DiCaprio educated himself about the phenomenon. He even used the Oscars platform to advocate to fight against climate change and refute the ‘politics of greed. The fact that DiCaprio is a famous name when it comes to environmentalists doesn’t mean the star has to drop some luxury for it.

    The eco-conscious crusader has a yacht named Topaz irrespective of the pollution it creates in water and air as well. Not only Topaz, he has been making great utility of another yacht Vava II vessel for his extravagant holidays with women and close friends. This topic is a bit controversial to his image of someone who is dedicated to the improvement of the health of the planet.

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    Does Leonardo Own The Topaz And Vava II?

    Leonardo DiCaprio yacht
    Leonardo DiCaprio on the yacht

    The first thing is that Leonardo DiCaprio does not own Topaz. The actual owner of Topaz is Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is a billionaire politician of the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Mansour also holds the largest share in the Manchester City FC. He built the yacht in 2012 which took around $527 million. The spacious and luxurious ride consists of 26 cabins in total. It is 482 feet long. The vessel was accustomed to his lifestyle of grandeur and luxury. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan himself named the yacht Topaz as per its specifications to fit in with a high-end lifestyle.

    The Titanicstar and his friends took over the yacht merely to enjoy the Fifa World Cup in 2014. So far, the interior of the vessel was kept a secret from the world. DiCaprio comes in this scene as the one who rented the yacht.

    Another yacht that DiCaprio enjoys spending time on is the Vava II, a $150 million yacht. Again, the star does not own the vessel. It is owned by the Swiss businessman Ernesto Bertarelli. Bertarelli is a renowned name in the pharma and drug industry. Along with his sister Dona, he inherited the biotech company Serono, which he sold to Merck. Later, the two founded the Bertarelli Foundation, which ironically works for marine conservation and life sciences research. In 2022, Leonardo was seen basking in the St Barts’ sun along with Camila Morrone, Al Pacino’s stepdaughter in 2022.

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    The Specifications Of The Ships

    The yacht 'Topaz'
    The yacht ‘Topaz’

    Topaz is amongst one of the biggest superyachts that measure 453 feet in length. It took around $200 million to build this luxurious piece of heaven. The craft launched back in 2012 and gets power from four M90 engines operating on diesel. This generates approximately 48,000 horsepower. As per sources, Leonardo rented it for the first time in 2014, two years into the launch.

    The extravagant yacht offers smooth sailing with the installation of a speed stabilizer. It has eight deck levels to accommodate its hosts and guests throughout the vessel. The luxurious lifestyle of this vessel contains a cinema hall, two hot tubs, three swimming pools, underwater lights, air conditioning throughout, a fitness hall, and a conference room.

    The Vava II vessel is again a product of 2012 engineering by Devonport in the United Kingdom. A Hampshire-based company RWD and Remi Tessier conceived the designs of the ship. It can carry 523,000 liters and 96,000 liters of fuel and water, respectively on board. The ship has 2 MTU engines which provides it amazing speed ranging from 15.0 kn to 19.0 kn. It ranks 84th on the list of the superyachts.

    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    The controversy starts with the fact that Leonardo made a plea while receiving his first-ever Oscar to help fight climate change. The reason was he took a flight of 8000 miles in a private jet to reach the yacht leaving carbon footprints in the air and then to Brazil with his yacht. The Hollywood environmentalist managed his time to receive awards for his contribution to the environment. But each trip is through private jets. This produces pollution which can’t be denied.

    An environmentalist Sarah Clayton defended the star amidst the criticism for leaving heavy carbon footprints yachting in such super yachts. Sarah said, “I know celebrities lead these crazy lives, but ‘Don’t Look Up’ has done so much to make people aware of climate change.” The actor has been participating in activism since 2014 when he held a demonstration in Manhattan addressing the dangers of climate change in the United Nations.

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