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Is Travis Kelce The First Boyfriend Taylor Swift Has Shown PDA With?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have continued to make headlines as the newest couple in Hollywood. What was earlier just a speculation, later was confirmed as both the stars walked out and about, hand in hand, even kissing in some pictures.

Fans were thrilled at the couple’s show of PDA. But is it the first time Taylor has been publicly affectionate towards a boyfriend? Read on to know more.

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Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston gave us much more than ‘Getaway Car’. Hiddleston gave us one of Taylor’s healthiest and best relationships. The couple indulged in a lot of PDA. They went on beach dates and were seen being all over each other.

At one point, Tom even sported an “I Love TS” vest on their beach date. They also danced their way through the Met Gala, which was their first public interaction.

Harry Styles And Taylor Swift

Harry And Taylor

Swift’s steamiest relationship yet probably was ‘Haylor’ with Harry Styles. In her song ‘Slut!’ she even sings about how she accepted the slutshaming that came with dating Styles if it meant she could be with him.

Their relationship was short, but passionate, as both their songs tell. The couple were frequently seen in public on dates, walking around holding hands, and even shared a loving kiss on New Year that Swift later wrote a song about.

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Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift

Calvin And Taylor 

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s relationship was short-lived but boy! Those pictures of them on vacation and kissing were the most we had seen of Taylor showing PDA with a boyfriend when we got them. In the peak 1989 era, Swift and Harris went on a lot of dates and trips and hung out in their swimwear which gave the paparazzi a lot to snap on.

Joe Alwyn And Taylor Swift

Taylor and Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift’s longest relationship also has the shortest footage on the internet. Owing to the pandemic and her hibernation after her 2017 feud with Kim Kardashian, she became pretty much a private person and was rarely seen doing any PDA with Joe Alwyn.

Although they were seen in a couple of award shows and in some of their Instagram stories and paparazzi pictures, it’s still a lot less than what she publicized with her earlier boyfriends.

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