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GOT VS House Of The Dragon & Let’s Know About One More Exciting Upcoming GOT Spin Off

HBO is making another massively successful Game of Thrones spinoff- 10,000 Ships: HBO is already making fans eager for GOT spinoff in the process of making it comes up with another one- 10,000 Ships. It is; expected that 10,000 ships will get more love from fans than most anticipated House of the Dragon. The fantasy serial drama House Of Dragon is in production already and led by Olivia Cooke. The show will focus on the Targaryen civil war. 


Fans were unsatisfied with the end of the long-running series with eight seasons of Games of Thrones in May 2019. HBO is trying to rectify the unsatisfactory end; of the last two seasons of GOT by their spinoff shows. If we share about Game of Thrones, the series got a high rating and even won 12 times Primetime Emmy Awards. 

About 10,000 Ships: Another GOT Spinoff


10,000 Ships: HBO brings GOT spinoff in this Princess Nymeria, who was the ruler of Dorne for two decades. The character of Nymeria is totally new for the viewers although, it appeared in GOT earlier but not extensively. Princess Nymeria’s story is all about a thousand years that took place before the events of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. This makes the spinoff earliest stand out on the Westeros timeline.  

The folk tale about Nymeria tells that while crossing over a channel of the Summer Sea, the princess was forced to burn her whole fleets of ships. So that she can escape from the dragonlords of Essos. Because of many more events, the story of Princess Nymeria becomes compelling, and for viewers brings enough of war, chases, and political conspiracies. 

When was Nymeria Appeared In GOT?


Princess Nymeria appeared in the original series GOT when Arya Stark named her direwolf after the warrior queen. Nymeria’s character was so stirring and was a pillar of strength after her conquests. 

Nymeria guided all the Rhoynar refugees out of Essos and into Dorne and she had to burn all the ships to prevent any stopping. Later, she would become the very ruler to unite the region along with her beau Davos Dayne. 

Announcement About 10,000 Ships


The main obstacle that production may face is budget handling because of already one spinoff in progress. Amanda Segel was announced as the writer of the series previously in May 2021. The viewers were made familiar with Dorne in the fourth season of Game of Thrones. But was not appreciated by the audiences at that time. Dorne is one of the highlights of 10,000 Ships as Neymeria will claim her stakes in this desert region. It seems like that now according to books, the show will give the light on Dorne in the story it deserves. Amanda Segel was announced as the writer of the series previously in May 2021. Let us see if it gets true about the 10,000 Ships getting more love by fans than House of the Dragon. What are your thoughts about this story? Do let us know if you get any updates!

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