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‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 3: Ben Glenroy’s Killer Finally Revealed

Hulu’s ‘Only Murders In The Building‘ is currently the most thrilling murder mystery show you can possibly watch, thanks to comic geniuses Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez. The show that starred Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd in supporting roles this season went on to a big start. Within ten episodes, the mystery unfolded on who killed Ben Glenroy.

As the last episode of the season aired today, here are all the details on who Ben’s killer is.


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‘Only Murders In The Building’: Ben Glenroy’s Death

Ben Glenroy

Oliver Putnam’s big show’s protagonist Ben Glenroy suddenly dropped dead on the day of the show. After rushing him to the hospital it was revealed that he just got poisoned and recovered. A while later, however, Ben Glenroy fell down an elevator shaft and met his bloody end. But the question remains, who would want to kill Ben twice?

Paul Rudd’s death was the main plot for the season as the trio focuses on finding out who the killer is. Suspects are many. Could it be Meryl Streep’s charming Loretta? or Tobert who keeps hanging around the investigation? Or the eclectic mother-son duo, Donna and Cliff? Well, rest assured we have the answers here.

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The Identity Of Ben Glenroy’s Killer

Donna and Cliff

Cliff and Donna were the ones who killed Ben. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver came to the conclusion that Ben was killed by his weakness, a cookie that had been poisoned with rat poison at the theatre, in the episode, “Thirty,” of the series. They came to another conclusion that Donna was responsible for giving Ben the poisoned cookie after she read theatre critic Maxine’s review, which identified Ben as the weakest point of the show. Donna sprinkled a cookie rat poison before placing it in Ben’s dressing room where she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.

But in the climax, ‘Opening Night’, Donna admits to the detectives that, despite poisoning Ben, her intention wasn’t to kill him. She says, “Maxine’s review would have killed the show. So I bought us some time. I wasn’t trying to kill Ben, I just wanted to knock him on his ass. Of course, it’s hard to know the exact non-lethal amount of rat poison to give a man. How many rats is one Ben Glenroy?”

Ben’s doctor afterward informed him that he was poisoned. Then he realized Donna was the one who had poisoned him. Cliff left Oliver’s flat and went outside to meet Ben, who was in shock over the news of someone attempting to poison him. After he discloses to Cliff that he knows, the latter says “Maybe she was protecting me. It’s what she does.” This leads to an argument between both the men where they both endlessly bicker and Cliff ends up pushing him down the shaft. “It was an accident, Mom, I swear,” he says to justify his actions. The show ends with the cast getting to know who killed Glenroy.

Thus, season 3 ends. But the show has been renewed for a fourth season. We can expect the next season somewhere in 2024.

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