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    ‘Sex Education’ Season Four Three Episodes Recap: Cavendish College Is A Culture Shock For Ex-Moordale Kids

    The final session commences! The Moordale kids are back to school for their sixth-form semester after the Moordale debacle that closed down the school. The fourth and final season of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ premiered on September 21, 2023. The new season takes its reins from the last season. Jean Milburn gives birth to a baby girl, Joy, who is not Jakob. Maeve leaves Moordale to pursue an educational program in writing in the States.

    As for the love front, Eric and Adam break up after the former comes back from Nigeria, where he kisses the wedding photographer at a queer party in Laos. The fourth season is peppy and fresh, but the narrative tropes are the same. The first episode is exhilarating, with popping colors, characters, and new challenges. Cavendish College is nothing like Moordale. It is a student-led campus, with kids getting penalized for gossiping and various activities for the full growth of the children. The ex-Moordale kids try to find their footing while facing new and old demons together.

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    Cavendish College In The New Season Of ‘Sex Education’ Is A Queer Haven For Eric

    Ncuti Gatwa's Eric feel safer at the Cavendish College due to queer-affirming students
    Ncuti Gatwa’s Eric feel safer at the Cavendish College due to queer-affirming students

    In the new and final season of ‘Sex Education’, creator Laurie Nunn wanted to bring trans, non-binary, and other queer stories to the forefront. She wanted to center the trans voices, as they are often neglected in the conversation around their rights and development. So, the ‘Caven’ replaces the untouchables in the new season. The Caven is a group of LGBTQIA+ individuals who are popular on the Cavendish campus.

    Caven is composed of Roman, a trans man, and his girlfriend Abbi, a trans woman. On the first day of school, Eric saves Abbi when Ruby comes racing with her car on campus. After a long time, Eric feels safer in an academic environment after the horrors of bullying that he experienced during his Moordale days. His eyes lit up when he saw queer kids around the campus and the popular kids in the school being queer.

    There are other queer narratives as well! Cal, who is a non-binary person, feels relieved to see gender-neutral bathrooms. However, they are going through turmoil after taking testosterone, which has increased their sexual urges, leading to an orgasm during school hours.

    Jackson is also in a dilemma about his sexuality as he starts feeling that he may fall on the queer side of the spectrum. However, this open environment poses a threat to the friendship between Eric and Otis. When Eric teams up with Abbi and Roman to go to a queer party, Roman generalizes the straight men, saying that he does not have any as they do not understand the concept well.

    In the new season, Laurie wanted to introduce the intersection of church and sexual orientation. So, we see Eric’s mother insisting he go to the baptism classes with Pastor Manuel. However, he is skeptical, as he feels that it is not a safe space to exercise his sexual orientation, and it may entail repercussions.

    But he is not alone! Abbi is also Christian, and she wants to take Roman to church, who is anti-religion. This leads to a fight between the two, calling for a therapy session by Otis!

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    Otis Gets A Competition To Form A Sex Clinic At The New School

    Otis Milburn and Sarah 'O' Owen in fourth season of 'Sex Education'
    Otis Milburn and Sarah ‘O’ Owen in fourth season of ‘Sex Education’

    After the lid gets off and the sex clinic run by Otis and Maeve gets exposed, they have to shut it down. Dr. Milburn begins sessions for children in the school, posing a threat to the clinic.

    But as Otis transitions from Moordale to Cavendish, he is still determined to continue running the sex clinic. However, when he arrives at the new school, he comes across his new competition, Sarah ‘O’ Owen, who also runs a similar clinic, but she has a better reach and tools to run it at Cavendish College.

    When Otis confronts her, she does not budge, and he gets fired up to continue the sex clinic.

    Otis also sets up his clinic with mint water, digestives, and a website similar to that of Owen. However, he needs a breakthrough to prove himself. Ruby agrees to help him prove himself.

    Ruby also finds it difficult to fit into the new school, bringing back the horrors of her primary school days. It turns out that Ruby and Owen attended the same primary school, where an unfortunate incident broke their friendship. So, Ruby suggests he patch things up between Abbi and Roman after their fight, which brings students to his clinic. Due to the two clinics, Otis decides to let the students decide which clinic will stay and which will shut down.

    As for his personal life, his mother is unable to parent Joy, and she seems exhausted. So, he calls her sister, Joanna, to help Jean with Joy. Maeve and Otis are in a long-distance relationship, which creates a lot of friction between them. There is insecurity, disappointment, failure, and uncertainty that the couple is faced with in the new season of ‘Sex Education’.

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