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50 Cent Claims Young Buck Is Gay In New Homophobic Post

Fif has claimed that the G-Unit rapper and Benzino are gay in another homophobic post, just days after Young Buck blamed 50 Cent for forcing him into bankruptcy. Fif has previously shared numerous homophobic and transphobic posts directed at Buck, and he reignited his feud with his former group-mate following his arrest for vandalism in February. Due to rumors surrounding his sexuality, his recent posts directed at Buck and now Benzino appear to be a direct response to Buck’s claims about Fif’s business practices.

What Did 50 Cent Say Exactly?

50 wrote alongside his clip in which Benzino addresses some rumors. He wrote: “Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but don’t pat nobody butt when they score a basket.”

Shauna Brooks, a trans actress, recently claimed that Benzino had a brief relationship with her, and that appears to be the subject of the clips Fif shared out of context. In the video, Benzino states that he does not watch trans porn. The rapper explains why being seen with a trans woman could look bad in the second video, which appears to be a leaked phone conversation between Brooks and Benzino. He said that he looks bad and not her. Adding to it he went on to say that she never looked bad. He felt that in this world she ain’t doing nothing wrong rather it would be wrong if he did.

How Did Fif React To This Second Video?

It’s unclear how any of this has anything to do with Young Buck, but 50 Cent has long accused the rapper of being in a transgender relationship. Fif, on the other hand, has always done so by making a series of transphobic remarks. Benzino addressed 50 Cent directly in a series of posts on his Instagram Story. Young Buck revealed his sexuality during him ‘It’s Tricky’ interview. He stated that he is a heterosexual man who enjoys both women and p****. Further, it’s not the first time that people in their 50s have tried to tear others down with homophobic insults, but it’s getting old.

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