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How Madonna Helped Britney Spears During Breakup With Justin Timberlake?

Britney Spears has come out to speak about her life on her terms with the new memoir ‘The Woman In Me’. The new book chronicles her life as a child growing up in Kentwood, getting exposed to fame so early in her career, and her tumultuous personal life. Spears made very few friends in the industry, including the pop goddess and her mentor, Madonna.

One may remember the camaraderie between Britney Spears and Madonna from the infamous kiss at the MTV VMAs in 2003. It has been 20 years, but the conversation around the controversial moment is still alive! However, the bond between the two pop icons goes way beyond a PR stunt. In the memoir, along with addressing the infamous kiss, Britney also talked about how Madonna helped her during the breakup with Justin Timberlake.

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Madonna Mentored Britney Spears During Break Up With Justin Timberlake

Madonna played a role of mentor during Britney Spears' low time
Madonna played a role of mentor during Britney Spears’ low time

In ‘The Woman In Me’, Britney Spears extensively chronicles her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Spears has claimed that she was pregnant with Justin’s child, which she had to abort at his insistence. The couple broke up in 2002, and she moved into Cher’s former apartment. While no one was allowed in the apartment during her grieving period, she allowed Madonna.

Britney Spears praised Madonna, writing, “Stunningly beautiful, she exuded power and confidence. She walked straight to the window, looked out, and said, ‘Nice view.'” The ‘Vogue’ songstress introduced Spears to Kabbalah, and she got a tattoo of a Hebrew word that the Kabbalists think means ‘healing’.

Britney added, “I needed a little guidance at that time. I was confused about my life. She tried to mentor me.” Madonna suggested to Britney that she take time out for her soul, which helped her form the strength that she needed.

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Britney Addresses The Infamous Kiss At VMAs 2003

Briteny Spears talked about improvising the VMAs 2003 kiss with Madonna
Briteny Spears talked about improvising the VMAs 2003 kiss with Madonna

During the VMAs 2003, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Madonna came together to perform. However, the trio created a controversy with Madonna making out with both Britney and Christina. She wrote, “Every time we rehearsed it, we did an air kiss.”

During the performance, Spears thought of recreating the 2000 medley performance. Britney wrote, “I thought to myself: I want a moment like that again this year. With the kiss, should I just go for it?”

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