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How Did Selena Gomez React To Taylor Swift And Scooter Braun’s Masters Controversy?

Taylor Swift is the most resilient celebrity that the world is witnessing currently. Not only perseverance, but the singer has also showcased her songwriting and vocal skills during her recent mega-blockbuster ‘Eras Tour.’ But the path to this historic tour was not an easy one. She had to face men like Kanye West and Scooter Braun, who tried to sabotage her career.


When Taylor Swift was only 15 years old, she was signed to the Big Machine label. She released her first five albums under the label in 2017. But in 2019, Scooter Braun purchased the label for the whopping price of $300 million and sold all her masters to Shamrock Holdings. He prevented the ‘folklore’ singer from buying her masters. So she called the music executive a bully. During the tough times, Selena Gomez stood firm with her friend and released a statement.

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Selena Gomez Accused Scooter Braun Of Robbing And Crushing Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez accused Scooter Braun of crushing Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez accused Scooter Braun of crushing Taylor Swift

In November 2019, the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun controversy intensified when the former released a statement regarding Braun’s stubbornness in selling her the masters. The ‘Bad Blood’ singer expressed her discontent on Tumblr, the platform where she used to connect with Swifties. She said that ‘loyalty’ is just a ‘contractual concept’ for Braun. To this, Selena Gomez, who has been best friends with Swift for the longest time, released a statement.

Selena Gomez said that Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta were exploiting Taylor Swift for “greed, manipulation, and power.” She wrote, “My heart is so heavy right now. It makes me sick and extremely angry. (I don’t mind if there may be retaliation) this is my opinion. It’s greed, manipulation, and power. There is no heart or thought of anyone else.

She continued, “No respect for the words my friend has written since she was a 14-year-old in her bedroom. You’ve robbed and crushed one of the best songwriters of our time, an opportunity to celebrate all of her music with her fans and the world.”


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The Singer Expressed That It Is The Worst Feeling To See Her Best Friend Being Pulled Down

 Selena Gomez felt bad for Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez felt bad for Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez uploaded a long statement on her Instagram, writing, “I have known Taylor for 13 years. She is the most dedicated, fearless, fiesty [sic], strongest woman I’ve ever known. People can say bitch but what I’m saying to you is that’s called a woman with true identity and strength who takes no s**t.”

Selena praised Taylor for releasing ‘Fearless,’ which helped many broken hearts of women heal. She added, “I listened to fearless before it came out and I just remember us jumping on a bed and she was just sparkling. ✨ -so proud of her diary being read by the whole world. Nervous of people not liking it… but that became one of the biggest records – an album that saved so many young woman who felt alone. Have a broken heart. Who were healing. Those who felt invisible. Gave a voice to those who didn’t know that they had one all along. Believing in dreams again.”


Gomez continued, “I continued to see how she has constantly challenged her self to create a beautiful life that belong to just her. So I can tell you first hand the MOST important thing to Taylor is her family, love, her fans, and her MUSIC. I really hope there is a change of heart over this unfortunate situation.”

The ‘Calm Down’ crooner concluded, “Seeing my best friend (or any of my friends) be constantly pulled down is the worst feeling. Taylor fights. She will never stop fighting. People grow from choices. Some will stay exactly the same. I just want a change of heart. I love you. “

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