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Why Taylor Swift’s Rio De Janeiro Concert Is A Big Mess

Having one of her most successful years in the industry, Taylor Swift has certainly never ever been happier. With sold-out shows, flourishing new albums, Grammy nominations, and a fairytale love affair: Swift’s at her best.

After touring for almost a year with sold-out successful shows and a bunch of happy fans, it seems that the ‘Cruel Summer‘ singer has finally hit a roadblock. Here’s why Taylor’s Brazil leg of the tour has been off to a bad start and how it could affect her overall statistics.

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Taylor Swift’s Rio De Janeiro Concert

Taylor Swift

Brazil warmly welcomed Taylor in a wholesome and unique way as South American fans eagerly waited for Taylor to finally come to their cities. The Buenos Aires concert had a two-night show where Taylor performed for three hours. But as it turns out, the tour that was supposed to be every Swiftie’s daydream turned out to be a nightmare as fans suffered through the 140-degree heat wave of Brazil, with the venue not allowing them to bring their own water.

Mid- performance, Swift herself had to hand out water bottles and urge her team while being on stage to provide water to those who needed it. The venue’s negligence also led to the death of a fan. All these events led to Taylor canceling the show for the next day for her fans’ and her own safety.

In another video, Swift herself is seen sick on stage as she looks like she’s about to pass out and can barely breathe.

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Fans Are Upset Over Postponed Show

Because of all the circumstances, Taylor Swift had to postpone the show, and well…fans were not happy.

Many fans flew around the world for the show, spent hundreds and thousands of bucks for a ticket, and were heartbroken to see the show getting canceled.

What’s worse is that Swift’s location and hotel information was leaked by angry fans who sent her threats.

Fans are also reacting violently.

Many fans are defending Taylor, and rightfully so to justify that the postponing of the show isn’t her fault at all and is something she has done for the safety of her fans.

Further confirmation on her show in Brazil is awaited as of now.

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