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Britney Spears Reveals Near-Death Experience While Driving With Ex-Adnan Ghalib As Paparazzi Chased Them

Britney Spears had been finally freed from the shackles of controlled narrative as she published her memoir, ‘The Woman In Me’. The most-awaited book was well received by both fans and critics. In the memoir, she talks about her turbulent childhood and the conservatorship imposed by her father, Jamie Spears. She also talked about the failed relationships in her life.

The majority of Britney Spears’ life went by tackling media and their manufactured narratives. While her father played a huge role in dominating her life, the media spun several theories to jeopardize Britney’s life. But, in one of the chapters of her life, she briefly dated a paparazzo, Adnan Ghalib. In the book, she wrote about him and an incident that might have taken their lives.

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Britney Spears Claims Paparazzi Chased Her And Adnan Ghalib

Britney Spears was chased by paparazzi leading to a near-death experience while driving with Adnan Ghalib
Britney Spears was chased by paparazzi leading to a near-death experience while driving with Adnan Ghalib

Adnan Ghalib, a part of the paparazzi, was the man Britney Spears dated after she got separated from Kevin Federline. She was a decade younger than him when they started dating. In ‘The Woman In Me’, Britney Spears writes about Adnan and admits that he was one of the chivalrous media members.

Britney writes, “He’d been a paparazzo, and I understood that people thought he was up to no good, but all I could see at the time was that he was chivalrous and helped me out when the others got too aggressive.” She found him incredibly funny and hot.

In the memoir, the ‘Toxic’ singer also recounted one of the most deadly moments when she was Adnan Ghalib. The artist revealed that she had to do a 360-degree spin, which landed them on the edge of a cliff while Paparazzi chased them. After the incident, she looked at him and said, “We could have just died.”

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Adnan Tells A Different Version Of The Same Story

Adnan Ghalib had another version to Britney Spears' paparazzi chase story
Adnan Ghalib had another version to Britney Spears’ paparazzi chase story

Adnan Ghalib talked to The US Sun after the release of Britney Spears’ memoir ‘The Woman In Me’. During the interview, he responded to the narration of the near-death car drive incident in Britney’s book by giving another version of it. In his version, the paparazzi did not chase them. Ghalib said that he and Spears went on a drive in a Mercedes SL 65.

Adnan said, “She wasn’t wound up or high. She threw a left out of her home onto Mulholland Drive, which is a very winding road above the hills of LA.” Spears went rogue in the driving seat by speeding up to 60 mph around the turns where the optimum speed was 20 mph. He added, “She was laughing and just so happy to be out of the house on our own with no paparazzi.”

Ghalib said that Britney Spears was driving them through the edges of the cliffs due to speeding and the immense horsepower of the car. “Then on one turn where it looks like the road ends, because of how hard the left turn was, Britney made the turn, hit the brakes and we spun around, perilously close to the edge,” he said. Adnan looked into the abyss while Britney went, “Wow, we could have died.” He answered, “I’m surprised we didn’t.”

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