‘Ferrari’: Plot, Cast, Trailer, And Release Date Of The Biopic On Enzo Ferrari


Biopics are trending. To the long list of biopics that have been released and yet to be released here’s another addition – Ferrari’. This time the movie is based on an automotive tycoon, Enzo Ferrari. The movie had its first teaser trailer released on August 30 and is being premiered at the Venice Film Festival on August 31.


Michael Mann, the director of the upcoming movie spent 20 years developing his latest project. Seven long years have passed since Mann turned to directing a movie, the last being ‘Blackhat’ in 2015. Thus both cinephiles and motoholics hold great expectations for the movie that will hit the screens in December. 

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‘Ferrari’: Plot Details

Michael Mann directs Ferrari
Michael Mann directed the ‘Ferrari’

The upcoming movie ‘Ferrari’ is set in the 1950s as ex-racer Enzo Ferrari is dealing with a critical stage of his life. “Bankruptcy threatens the factory he and his wife Laura built from nothing ten years earlier. Their volatile marriage has been battered by the loss of their son, Dino, a year earlier,” the official synopsis of the movie states. 


The mental and emotional turmoil aside, the movie focuses on the 1000-mile open road endurance race Mille Miglia. Also on how Enzo Ferrari played a role in it. However, the race didn’t continue as Alfredo de Portago, a Ferrari racer, blew up the tire and crashed into the crowd. Leaving nine people dead, including five children, navigator Edmund Nelson, and the racer himself. 

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‘Ferrari’: Release Date And Cast

Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari and Patrick Dempsey as Piero Taruffi. 
Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari and Patrick Dempsey as Piero Taruffi

The biopic based on the automobile entrepreneur, ‘Ferrari‘ is set to hit the theatres on December 25, 2023. The movie will premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2023. The trailer was released by Neon and lasts about 90 seconds of background music and revving of engines. 


With hair slicked back, imbibing the lead character is Adam Driver. Penélope Cruz and Shailene Woodley appear as Laura Ferrari at different ages. Gabriel Leone cast as Alfonso de Portago and Jack O’Connell as Peter Collins. The Grey’s Anatomy’ star Patrick Dempsey appears as Piero Taruffi. 

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